Ritual for Demonic Capture

Ritual for Demonic Capture

The complex ritual is detailed below, and requires the following:

1. A pentagram, pattern shown, to be drawn in the area to hold the demon Raathmaauriig. It is to be drawn using a mixture of blood and pure gold dust and should drawn in a large room that encompass the 20 foot diagram
[will take 60 mins to draw]

2. The vertices of the pentagram must be filled with salt but beware that if the salt is visible the demon will sense danger. So prepare the means to hide the salt until you wish the trap to be sprung. [requires small amounts only]

3. Any demonic being may be greatly weakened if they are entrapped in a pentagram that is attuned specifically to their nature (their weakness). The above is thought best for Raathmaauriig, though we have had no means to test this, so be watchful if he exhibits no reduction in his abilities. Also note that this will therefore not affect any companions or guards that he brings with him, when attracted to this trap.

4. To draw him into the trap, you must place the item of most attraction to the demon in the very centre of the pentagram – place it and have it held securely in this spot (such as melding it into stone). Once the pentagram is active, he will move quickly to it but will be unable to grasp it – however much he tries. At best he will try to attack the pentagram to release this reward – use this time to bring him down, for if he can trigger its release, then his powers will be enhanced as the pentagram will no longer significantly weaken him.

5. Once the demon is engaged, ensure he is injured but do not kill him. If he falls unconscious then ensure he is healed to a few points of life, for he will gratefully swap one item or one request for his life. Beware, for demons cannot be trusted for they will corrupt a poorly worded request, so seek a simple reward such as the sword that you know can be provided (he will most surely bring it with him as he trusts it not to any other being).

Party Note: used the above Ritual to summon Raathmaauriig, the Demon, and demanded that he barter his freedom by giving up The Unheat Sword










Ritual for Demonic Capture

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