Chapter 5a

Volume II – The Land of Xa’ar

Chapter 5: Of Fire & Ice 6052 Fall, Aryen 38 – Purlyen 40 (HARP)

Into the Bridge Caves
(Arg Ord Uscurac)

As you descend from The Temple to Yaalc Muul, you feel the temperature slowly drop. The passageway looks naturally, being rough hewn, but its path is very deliberate.

Eventually you proceed down and stop as the passage ends in a door that resembles the metal door found beneath the strange obelisk. Moulin, now more confident, opens the lock and the large metal door swings open with significant noise as its rusted and disused hinges struggle to bear the door. Beyond a natural passageway continues off into the dark and the air here is stale and cool, almost cold. Your breath draws mist as you peer into the entryway of The Bridge Caves.

Coral Road (2)

The Bridge Caves

Drawing out the map found earlier, you start to look for landmarks that would allow you to understand where in the caverns you may be – but nothing so far helps.

Bridge Caves (hand drawn map)

You proceed now, cautiously, with your torches casting eerie shadows onto the passageway walls. After a few hundred feet, throughout which the passage slopes downwards, you reach another metal doorway. Cold to touch, it is easily opened and you hear the rumbling and rushing of distant water. Moving forward you come across an Icy cold, very turbulent underwater river, which nearly fills the twisting natural passage. A metal bridge spans the roaring underground river. The bridge is so close to the top of the passage that you could almost reach up and touch the ceiling, and the water is no more than three feet below, casting a chilling spray up on the open-mesh bridges and making it quite slippery.

This corridor continues beyond the bridge and ends after 300 feet in another locked metal door. Moulin quickly unlocks it, and as the door swings open and opens into a large “spherical room”. Seemingly natural, the perfectness of the room’s shape implies something powerful or artificial was involved in its construction.


This room is about 800´ diameter and nearly half full of water. In the centre of the water is an island about 200´ across, mostly covered by trees and which is partially obscured by a mist that floats above the waters surface.

You notice at your feet, that a pier once stood here and connected with the ruins of a bridge to the island. A similar doorway can be vaguely seen on the other side of the sphere, connected to the island by a rickety looking, metal and wooden bridge.

Avalon suggest that the only way forward is via the island out the other door, so you proceed through the water (or via some Fly spells) to the small island. As you approach, you note what seems to be “tree huts” or dwellings and a number of small, hand crafted boats and canoes on the shore of the island. As you land to investigate, almost immediately you are surrounded by what seem to be wildmen, waving their arms and tree limbs as if to scare you frighten you. However, they appear more comical than threatening.

These wildmen have made their home here on this island, scrounging from the caves around the complex and perhaps from the water that surround their home. Fish and other underwater life can be seen, in small quantities. Though these wildmen obviously see you as intruders, it seems that all they want is for you to leave; therefore they do you no real harm.

In the distance you hear one voice – a wildman, by the sounds of it – singing, but a drunken song more than anything else. In what might be viewed as “pidgeon” language of the common tongue, you make out most of his rambling words….

Through the jungle, mighty jungle, lives the tree that cannot die
Through the eye of the storm, getting warm, drives the rain that cannot lie.
Across the fall, do not fall, find the tree and watch it live,
But only if, only if, sunlight can be mirror to give
A seed and a flower, pretty flower, life and healing will spring
Turn the handle, move the pivot, let the machinery sunshine bring.

Let me out – Let me shout – for fear and fire kill
I know the secret, let it burn, for the spheres, the storms and souls life there;
Past the birds and the wings, go to where it’s warm and dry
But beware the guards and traps, for they will make you fry.

Reluctant, Moulin agrees not to slaughter them all, and you head off across this Lakesphere to the other doorway. Continuing past another of those round metal doorways, you find yourself after some time in front of what appears a larger, more prominent room, given the size of the door in front of you. This time the door, however, feels slightly warm and though you can hear nothing through the metal, you feel more apprehensive.


Opening the portal, a large room, again spherical, appears before you, as an immediate rush of warm, moist air hits your faces. This 1500 feet diameter room is filled with a living, jungle or forest. There is a ‘sun’ light at the top like the others, and there seems to be an almost perpetual drip of rain. About the lower third of the camber is filled with earth, and the entire sphere is a tropical rainforest. The air is almost oppressively humid and an obscuring mist hangs over everything. That—and the dense vegetation—prevent visibility of more than twenty feet or so.

In front of the doorway rises a narrow metal suspension bridge, that you can see arches up towards the middle and then beyond, intersecting with a similar bridge arching from your left to your right. At several points, vines have managed to stretch from nearby trees and now curl along the bridge and up some of the cables. There is no clear way to descend to the ground level, except of course by using one of these vines.

Obviously, the only course of action is to either explore the jungle or attempt the somewhat rickety bridge. So Ta’kk decides that the jungle looks good, so he jumps down into the midst of the trees and starts hacking his way through the foliage. Trevor thinking that this random approach may not be the best, similarly drops down onto the jungle floor, but he starts to move around the perimeter of the room, looking for an secret ways or doors as he proceeds.

Amazingly, Trevor actually finds a small compartment, buried just beneath the surface of the jungle that when opened contains a single, wrapped “package”. Taking it for later investigation (it turns out to be another Bracer of Uniting), he continues on until he hears a distant scream of pain.

The party, bewildered by the behaviour of its members, remains at the doorway, awaiting something awful to happen to either Trevor or Ta’kk. Indeed, it comes as no surprise when Ta’kk cries out in pain, as he is knocked to the ground by a massive puma, claws raking his side as it moves to quickly subdue its human prey. Some luck, and the real protection of armour, is all that saves Ta’kk from a quick bite, and he moves to defend and repel the massive feline.

With some assistance from the nearby Trevor and some magical aid, first one and then the two other pumas are dispatched or sent fleeing. After this, it is decided that the bridge may be the better option, as the jungle seems increasingly unsafe.

Pulling the tattered map out, Huan, Moulin and Gollum now agree that the nearby Salufi Tree should be in the room to your right. There are a number of other rooms ahead and to the left, and a quick “reconnoitre” is agreed.

Though the bridge crossing is treacherous, you make it to the centre. You decide to continue straight ahead, and exit via the doorway directly opposite to where you entered the Junglesphere.

Another portal door, more passageway, but as you approach the next portal door you note that it is hot – not warm, but hot to touch. Expecting an assault of temperature, Moulin opens the door (after some difficulty) and you stand in front of what can only be a desert.


About 700´ across, this chamber is lit by day with a brilliant, intense light like a desert on a clear day. The bottom third is indeed covered mostly with sand, broken here and there by outcrops of reddish rock. The temperature in this sphere is well over 100°F by day and the air is dry. The bridge is intact, but as one might imagine, it is very hot to the touch. It is about sixty feet above the desert surface. The place seems desolate except for a few cacti and clusters of other hardy plants near the rocks.

Deciding that to loiter is not healthy, you proceed along the bridge across this sphere, and ahead, at about the midpoint of the bridge, you note what appears to be a series of humanoid skeletons partially buried in the sand below the bridge. There are also weapons and other items glittering in the bright sun, and what appears to be some gold.

Well what else can be done but go for the treasure, and before anyone can say “remember the jungle”, Ta’kk drops the few feet to the desert floor. Immediately, the ground beneath him gives way, as a trio of giant trap-door spiders move up to collect their new prey. The fight goes quickly, mainly because of the spells from Costa and Avalon and ranged attacks from Trevor and Moulin are effective from the bridge, whilst Huan jumps down to help the hapless, hopeless and now poisoned Ta’kk.

There is about 50gp worth of gold and silver coins, and the items turn out to be unremarkable—with one important exception. Inside the tatters of one victim’s knapsack is a small round metal box, about three inches across. The lid screws off and when closed, it appears to be tightly sealed. It is lined with a soft black material. It is also enchanted and on attunement and investigation, you determine that this will preserve up to 3 herbs within in (whilst the lid of the box is closed). “Something useful for a change”, comments Gollum…..

Beyond this room, the passageway continues, declining significantly and after a thousand feet, no end is in sight. You agree that this may be worth checking, but best to do the other caves or spheres first, so you backtrack and head towards the “frozen” room.


When the door to this 400´ diameter sphere is opened, you are immediately greeted by a blast of frigid air. The interior is illuminated by a cold blue light part of they day. The bottom third is covered by a sheet of ice dotted with ice stalagmites of varying height; most between twenty and fifty feet high, but a few have risen to meet their stalactite counterparts reaching down from the arching ceiling, their combined height over 200 feet in places. The effect is of some sort of natural, irregularly-shaped cathedral of ice.

Due to the mist from the ice, it is impossible to see more than about fifty feet in any direction. There is no bridge in this sphere; instead steps of ice descend fifty feet down along the wall to the ice floor on each side. Crossing this room, therefore is hazardous, yet it does offer access to the “Oceansphere”, another “Forestsphere”, and two rooms marked on the map as simply “Day” and “Night”.

So with some careful work, you slowly lower everyone down to the snow and commence the trek through the Icesphere. Suddenly, 4 shapes – Ice or Snow beings – spring out of the mist, and ambush you. Their talons and barbed tail show their true being as unnatural, yet you prevail over them with little injury. Their breath, which shot out like a bolt of ice, did cause significant harm to Gollum, who needed to be “chipped” out of his icy prison.

With no means to find anything in the ice and snow, you press on, out of the Icesphere and into a room of water….


A thousand feet across, this sphere is nearly half-full with salt-water. Through some enchantment, the water has not leeched away, and is kept constantly in motion. There is a light at the apex of the dome, which as in the Forestsphere, glows part of the day; though this one never glows quite as brightly, and on some days it is dimmer, as if obscured by clouds.

There is a marine ecosystem under this water, with everything from micro-organisms to fish to a handful of sharks. A large shape moves beneath the waters of this room, and as it surfaces a giant snapping turtle turns its gaze onto you, before it drops back into the depths.

The surface of the water is about thirty feet below the bridge, so it would be difficult to swim across and climb up the smooth, slippery wall of the sphere. Plus the sharks and the turtle would be aware of any newcomers in the water. Passage across the Oceansphere will be difficult without a boat…

Suddenly, you remember that there were boats, or what seemed like boats, back in the Lakesphere on the island if the wildmen. Perhaps these could be used to ferry yourselves across – if you can get rid of the giant turtle. Whilst Huan and Ta’kk go back to get the boat, the remainder of the party range attack the turtle, trying to bring it closer and damage it enough or kill it so that it will allow your passage across the Ocean below. After some minutes you do achieve this, and the turtle, now quite injured, slinks deep beneath the waters to recuperate.

Using the boat, you manage to cross the waters unharmed and eventually get out into the corridor beyond.


This sphere is 800 feet in diameter, the lower third or so is fi lled with soil. From that grows a microcosm of a temperate forest: a mix of coniferous and deciduous trees. Several of these trees are fruit-bearing, and there are some wild vegetables in amongst the underbrush, so a fair amount of food could be found here. A globe set at the top of the sphere glows brilliantly part of the day. The place, though seemingly a naturally-growing forest, has a certain ‘tended’ feel to it, and there is very little underbrush except at the edges of the ‘forests.’

Your passage through here in uneventful.


About four hundred feet in diameter, this one is a blinding contrast to others you have been through: it is lit by a very bright magical source from the top of the chamber, as bright as the sun at noon. Additionally, a large section of the right side and bottom of the sphere wall itself is made up of glittering crystalline formations that reflect and refract the light. Much of this area of the wall looks as if it has been haphazardly dug out, as much as twenty feet beyond the sphere diameter. In fact, it looks as if some of the crystal was mined. The original bridge of this room is a pair of broken fragments hanging from the doors and some debris at the bottom; in its place is a tenuous but intact wood and rope bridge. This bridge is very ancient and could not support much weight at one time without breaking – therefore you cross slowly and solo.

The original purpose of this sphere is unclear.


As the map suggests, this sphere is a contradiction to the Daysphere you just left. There is no visible exit as you peer into the darkness and your light seems less effective in breaking the darkness. As you step forward, you note that the bridge is broken here and a small fall would eventuate if you took one step too far forward. There is a ledge, that follows the circumference of the sphere and allows passage around the room.

As you slowly make your way around the room, you hear the noise of distant wings. Birds? no more likely bats. As you try to cast a magic light that would scare away or injure the bats, the light spell fails. In fact, no spells seem to work and as you fend off these aggressive bats, you feel that magic is failing or being drained.

Party Note: the effect of these Kregora infested giant bats is not permanent, but it does prevent spells from working much like Kregora absorbs magic.

How these bats evolved was a mystery to you at this time.

Beyond the Nightsphere, the passageway climbs slowly up and you realize that this is the way (or one way) out. So you decide that the Salufi Tree, perhaps the rooms beyond and that other corridor deserve further exploration. So you head back, across the various unnatural environments, until you stand in front of the room marked “Storms” on your map.


As soon as the door opens, you are lashed with cold water. This 700´ diameter is one-third full of wildly churning water; the top third is dark clouds. Behind the clouds, lighting flickers almost constantly, and about once every ten minutes it builds up enough to arc down to the water, or the remains of the bridge at either side of the sphere. Indeed, there is little left but about fifteen feet of structure at either door, and that is damaged and blackened.

Swimming through the churning waters would almost certainly be catastrophic, but the need to move through this room, to find the Salufi Tree, and hopefully some blossoms means that you must proceed. Daringly you stride forth into the raging storm, using whatever means to get across the bridge gap and through unto the other side.

There is no time for exploration, there is no opportunity for searching – there is only a need to move quickly, and hope not to be struck (too often) by lightning. When you reach the other side, Moulin cannot unlock the portal door fast enough, and you stumble out and into a massive chamber…

Waterfall Cavern

This is a massive, mostly natural cavern about a mile in diameter. It is seemingly bottomless, and stretches up in roughly a conical shape over two thousand feet to an opening twenty feet or so across. Light comes through this aperture during the day in a narrow shaft. Chill winds waft through the cavern, most of them seeming to come from below.

Above you, somewhere so high and hidden in the darkness, you can hear the rustle of wings – bat wings, and you fear that these are more of those anti-magic (kregora) bats. Around the walls of this room, there seems to be a ledge, which varies between one and three feet wide, slopes down about 200 feet, and extends about 2000´ to reach a wider opening under the waterfall.

A series of columns rises up out of the gloom of the chasm, and are seemingly 400 feet apart. They lead up to a large plateau, upon which rests the hope for those dying of the dark curse. However, how to get up to the pillars, and then across them to this plateau is a major problem.

Rising out of the centre of this cavern is a perfectly circular pillar with a level plateau top. It is 700´ across, and is bathed in a faint golden glow. It seems to be covered with trees, though what else is there is beyond your current ability to tell.

With a few judicious fly spells (courtesy of Costa, Avalon and Gollum), the party heads off to examine the pillars, the plateau and the roof, conscious that daylight is slowly dimming as the sun sets.

The roof is actually capped by a metal plate, that seems to have shifted to allow some light to come in. This plate mechanism is intended to open fully, thereby allowing the light from outside to shrine directly into this chamber. Huan and Ta’kk wriggle their way outside, finding themselves somewhere on the Isle of Molac Traayig, whilst they search for the means to open the plate.

Avalon and Trevor find that these pillars are more than they seem. Magic by nature, it is possible to literally step from pillar to pillar, as each casts a form of levitation and jump onto anyone who leaps or steps off them, thereby allowing them to easily bridge the 400 foot gap.

Atop the central plateau, in the center, surrounded by an eighty-foot diameter path, is a ring of tall trees, slightly taller than the outer forest trees, and in the very centre is a shimmering pool of water about thirty feet in diameter and two feet deep. In the centre of that is a raised area of earth eight feet across surrounded by a low stone wall. Growing from this earth is a small, somewhat gnarled tree. This must be the Salufi Tree, but it is beyond life, beyond the means to provide the necessary flower for any antidote.

Huan, in the meantime, has discovered a series of pulleys, plates and mirrors that actually bring the light into the chamber and allow it to be “shined” directly. Gollum surmises that this might allow the light to be set up so as to imitate natural light, perhaps providing the light of a certain time of the year on call?

After much planning and perhaps with some luck, you align the mirrors so that the light of the rising moon will shine onto this gnarled tree. Now all you need to do is wait…. as you do so, you search around the base of the platform and tree, and find hidden under tiles in the bottom of
the shimmering pool are two watertight boxes made of an enchanted metal that does not corrode. Both boxes are lined with a soft material—and a net of kregora to conceal the contents. Inside one box is the Helm of the Lord Keeper Urduukanga and another one of the Bracer of Uniting, and in another is one of the Four Hammers of the Guardians of the Mah-ilari.

As the sun sets, the bats attack…. despite your lack of magic in combating them, you prevail though the fight is long and anguished. Eventually, however, the bats retreat, for your stance within the trees offers you too much protection for them to easily overcome you. Resting, you watch as moonlight shines on the gnarled Salufi tree.

As morning dawns, the light of the sun rises but hits the now realigned mirrors, and shines fully on the tree, hitting it as if it were the Summer solstice. You see the tree almost absorb the rays, and amazingly a number of blossoms spring from the tree as it regains its living nature. These blossoms are easily converted into potions which dispel the Dark Curse that has wasted Moulin, Trevor and Avalon, and after a sleep of almost 12 hours, they look much healthier.

You are able to harvest 3 other blossoms, which you carefully place in the recently discovered Herb Preservation Box. They will not last long unpreserved, but for now they are a treasure.

Having explored the waterfall, where the icy river enters this massive chamber and the corridor off to the west, through the “Nest?”, you decide to see what else this cavern complex holds before heading back.

Nest Sphere

This sphere is open to the cavern, but because of the rock contours is not easily seen and if not for the map you had, might have been easily overlooked. It is about 500´ across and the room seems empty except for what appears to be the remnants of a huge nest, which does not look like it has been used in centuries.

As soon as you get close, however, your spells and magic start to fail and you once again realise that Kregora, the anti-magic substance, must be nearby. Within this sphere you find a large deposit of Kregora that has been corrupted by something as it now is blended into the sphere’s ceiling. Bats, the giant variety, can be seen resting from the walls of the sphere, attached to this deposit.

You can see the bats more clearly now. Large, winged creatures with sharp, dagger like talons on the extremities of their wings and razor sharp claws. These creatures have wing spans of over 9 feet, which are made up of a leather-like material that sparkles with golden flakes. The wing arches themselves are lumpy, with what seems like pustules on the extreme edges, that resembles nuggets of gold flakes.

Their heads are also bulbous and disfigured, with similar protrusions. Their mouths are overly large, allowing them an ear piercing scream as they descend. Their eyes are small and seem almost covered by the facial distortion making them almost blind. However, their ears are large and bat-like. Their appearance is one of a distorted being, with their faces warped (perhaps by their close association with this magical rock) and those pustule like protrusions on their wings.

A few of the bats shift, as you quietly make your way through the room, but they seem to be sleeping and you decide it is best not to tempt fate to attack them.

The Firesphere (or Lava Chamber)

The corridor beyond slopes further down, slightly, and ends in a door that is warm to touch and slightly warped. Even after unlocking it, it takes the combined strength of Ta’kk and Trevor to budge it far enough for you to individually squeeze through. The room beyond is hot – would easily be 35 to 40 degrees Celsius, and it gets its heat from the chamber adjacent.

Covering the bottom couple hundred feet of this, the largest of the spheres at nearly 2500´ in diameter, is a pool of bubbling lava, fed by a volcanic fissure deep beneath the island. There is a great crack in the sphere in the south-west area where the lava flows out when it rises above about a sixth of the way up the sphere. There is no bridge here, and it is also very hot.

Casting spells of protection against heat, you feel you can quickly make a dash across the room, and even then the fires and heat do damage each and everyone of you. Minor burns are an annoyance, but it could have been much worse….

You turn towards your map’s final marked chamber to understand what “portal” might mean. As you enter, your footsteps echo and create a resounding boom.

Echo Cavern

Almost a mile across and deep, the Echo Cavern deserves its name: all sounds are magnified and reverberate across the space. It is completely dark except for the dim light coming from the Firesphere and a shimmering light coming from the top of a massive stone pillar. Three pillars rise up out of the dark depths, all slightly lower than the height of the entrance you now stand at, so that from there, the tops of the pillars can be seen. The pillars are about thirty feet across. Each one holds something unbelievable and inexplicable….

The nearest pillar holds a circular granite structure, fifteen feet in diameter. It has a domed roof, and entry seems to be through a pair of curved metal doors. They are locked, and from the dust they have not been opened for many many years. Moulin opens the lock, and inside, lying on a long low pedestal under a crystal cover, is a body that appears to be Yaalc Muul. He does not seem to be dead; perhaps preserved in magical sleep inside this sarcophagus.

Also in the chamber is a low stone desk and a heavy, rough wood chair. On the desk is a lamp, and
one of Yaalc Muul’s notebooks. Much of the contents is incoherent scribbling (all in a language you do not understand) but there are some scattered notes and verses. You take these all so you can show them to Valaan Mahrindi to see if he can help translate them.

One, however, is written in plainer script and Trevor, with some assistance from Gollum, seems to be able to read it.
Tower of Lost Magic - The Order to Open the Ways

[Text transcript of this note]

Know the Order to Open the Way
In Elder times there was one Essence
All energy intertwined.
The Earthwardens were Arcane Masters
But the children could not grasp the Unity.
So the Masters conceived the Three Realms
Essence, Mentalism and Channelling.
The last is Ironic
Since even the Earthwardens never fully understood
The Lords of Orhan now the greatest source of the third.

The Earthwardens dealt with the world Elementally
In six forms: two they linked to each Realm.

Fire and Ice: For Essence for these are their greatest weapons.
Water and Light: for Mentalists to focus.
Air and Earth: for Channelling, the things of life.

But in the High Chamber, the sequence is the Key:
Fire, Water, Light, Ice, Air, Earth.

Not knowing what this refers to, you place it and the other notes of Yaalc Muul’s away, thinking that they will be useful.

A second faded parchment, partially torn, that has hand-written notes, also captures your eye and though it makes little sense, you know the sentences written here were purposeful and important.

On the far pillar, there is a small stone pedestal. In the centre of this pedestal is a low dais ten feet across, and near one side is a slab of greenish stone, 4 feet wide by ten high. However the side facing towards the centre, and you, of the platform is translucent crystal. There is a small hole in the side, about the size of the crystals you have found, however none of them activate the stone. Given the “portal” comment on your map, there is obviously some coloured crystal, yet to be found, that activates this portal.

You also note something liquid bubbling around the edges of the pedestal. Perhaps a small fissure has released something to the surface. The liquid reflects colours, like the rainbow hue you see reflecting in a pool of water that has lamp oil on, and it seems to be quite cold, given the mist just above the surface. It seems strange but the structure on the final pillar draws your gaze.

The last pillar attracts your immediate attention – In the centre of this pillar is a slightly raised section ten feet in diameter, and on that are three pillars of smooth grey stone four feet high and one foot in diameter, and on top of each is a metal disk the same width and two inches tall. There is a small notch on the edge of each disc, and six notches spaced evenly around the top of the stone portion of the pedestal. In the very centre, between the three pillars is a metal disc two feet across, and flush with the stone floor.

After some searching, you believe that this may be some form of “vault” or storage area, and if so, these would possibly be related to Yaalc Muul who rests nearby.

The magic users try to cast detection spells, but for some reason they fail(you assume there is some anti-magic property preventing detection or intrusion to whatever is protected by these pillars). Therefore, it comes down to “good old fashion” lock picking, and after some time, you are able to determine that the lock (some form of combination lock) can be opened. However, is it trapped….. fortunately not.

As the lock be defeated, the centre disc—which is actually a pillar—rises up eight feet and reveals three tall niches inside it. Inside these niches are amazing staves, which you identify (with help from Valaan Mahrindi to be the Staff of Spheres, in the second is the Staff of Storms, and in the third is the Staff of Souls.

Party Note: Valaan agrees to do so but asks for one of the staves in return. Given all his assistance, you agree to do so and he takes the Staff of Spheres.

Resting, now healthy and wandering about these fantastic items and the legacy of Yaalc Muul, you set out to explore the rest of the Bridge Caves. From here, you find a route that heads back up to the isles above, but remembering the other unexplored passageway, you work your way back through the Bridge Caves through the various spheres until you reach the Junglesphere. You turn to go through the Desertsphere, and then follow the passageway, determined to see where it leads.

After what seems like many hours, you realise that the passageway is heading upwards. The passageway also now becomes more structured – the rough cavern walls become stone, and then seemingly a single, integrated stone passageway. Your torch light shows little detail but your sense of excitement increases as this is obviously an ancient path, perhaps one built by Yaalc Muul himself.

Eventually you reach a door – different to others seen but easily opened. Shortly you find yourself on the shores and looking eastward you see another island. Atop which you see the vague outline of a Tower… perhaps this is the Isle of Lost Magic, that holds the inaccessible Tower of Magic?

Knowing how the caverns linked, you backtrack and seek a second passageway that might lead across to the Isle of Lost Magic. After an hour of searching you do find second path that continues east… so eastward you go….

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Huan Hung Loh5Human/Lugrok (Orc)MonkNick
Gollum5Human (Gnome)/Loar (Elf)ClericBrent
Moulin5Human (Gnome)RogueDavid
Trevor5Human/Elf (Loar) Warrior MageChris
Ta’kk5 Human/Lugrok (Orc)FighterSteve
Avalon Elthanus5 Elf/Human (Orc)ClericBrad
Special Item FoundOwnerLocation Found
Bracer of UnitingAvalon – BradJunglesphere, Bridge Caves
Herb Preservation BoxGollum – BrentDesertsphere, Bridge Caves
Helm of the Lord KeeperTa’ak – SteveTree Sphere, Bridge Caves
Hammer of the Guardians of the Mah-ilariTrevor – ChrisTree Sphere, Bridge Caves
Bracer of UnitingHuan – NickTree Sphere, Bridge Caves
Staff of SpheresGiven to Valaan MahrindiSaralis
Staff of StormsAvalon – BradBridge Cave
Staff of SoulsCosta – MichaelBridge Cave
3 preserved blossoms of Salufi TreeGollum – BrentTree Sphere, Bridge Caves
Notes/Verses of Yaalc MuulAvalon – BradTree Sphere, Bridge Caves
CurrencyParty Total| Each:PlatinumGoldSilverCopper
Desertsphere50 gold worth of gold and silver | 7 14

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