Staff of Spheres


A six-foot tall staff of dark grey wood, about 2.5˝ in diameter. There is a metal inlay in the bottom end of the staff about an inch in diameter, and the shaft of the staff is split in half midway along its length; a fine seam can be seen. It does not come apart, but the halves can twist about a quarter-turn. Etched into the wood is the name in Kugor. This staff was used to create the sphere complex.

HARP Base Attack: Can be wielded as a +25 SCr Staff

RM Base Attack: +25 Staff (magical)

It works thusly:

press the bottom of the staff against a solid surface and twist the two halves (if it is twisted while not touching anything, the halves just twist back, as if it were spring-loaded). The staff begins dissolving the solid material at the rate of five feet per second, the empty space expanding out from the base of the staff not unlike a balloon blowing up. The staff will continue until the halves are twisted back. The shape cannot be controlled; it will always be a sphere. While this is a potentially dangerous device, most of its power has already been used. It has magic left to create one more 1000´ sphere or the equivalent in smaller ones (e.g., 2 × 500´ spheres). Also, any man-made objects and living things (above invertebrates like worms and bugs), can make a RR. If something succeeds, the staff stops, then twists itself to the ‘off’ position.

Given to Valaan Mahrindi, Saralis


Owner: Valaan, Rapata (Saralis)

Found in Tree Cavern, Bridge Caves, Isles of Blue Light

Staff of Spheres

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