Staff of Souls


One of three known Staves of power that Yaalc Muul was known to have, the location of this staff was lost many centuries ago.

Similar to the Staff of Storms except this one is made of black Dír wood and has a clawed end holding a large, orb.

This staff can take the soul from any person within 100´ and hold it. If the target fails (the staff attacks at the level of the user) they fall into a coma. The staff can return the soul to the target but must be within ten feet. The staff can also be used for Lifekeeping if the soul is stored within the staff in less than 2 minutes after the target ‘dies.’

If the staff contains at least one soul, then it can be used to attempt to restore life to someone who has died (their soul has left the corpse). The target must FAIL to resist versus the wielders attempt to force a soul into the lifeless body. Doing so will restore the body and force the original soul back into it, displacing the soul that the staff forced into it (which is lost). This can only be done once per week, and the Staff cannot be used to take a soul for a week following an attempt to do this restoration (whether it succeeds or not).

The staff can hold 3 souls; trying to take additional souls if the staff is ‘full’ will have no effect. When full, a soul can be displaced (lost) once per week (can be immediately used after displacing a soul if required).


HARP Base Attack: Can be wielded as a +25 SCr Staff

RM Base Attack: +15 Staff (magical)

Staff of Souls

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