Welcome to the Shadow World

The Shadow World is Kulthea, a planet hanging on the threshold between Order and Chaos; a place where the invisible Flows of Essænce sweep endlessly across the landscape. The Flows are the source of magical power for the inhabitants of Kulthea, but they are also a curse: terrible Flow-storms wreak havoc against the arcane and the mundane alike. They open portals to other places, other times, and to the demon-dimensions.

Even worse, the Essænce draws the ever-thirsty Unlife.

Once, a hundred thousand years ago, this planet was the seat of a technologically advanced, galaxy-spanning empire, but that civilization collapsed in an uprising against the corrupt super-race who ruled it. Now Kulthea is home to the survivor peoples: Elves, Dwarves, reticent nymphs, and terrifying demons. Some of these beings are the result of heinous breeding experiments by that ruling race, the K’ta’viiri. All are touched by the magical forces blanketing the world.

A few of the ancients — and their machines — survive. The former were locked in stasis for a long age and are recently awakened, now eager to reclaim their old domains. The machines wait in secret places to be found and exploited by those who can understand their function. One group who has done so is the Navigators, guilds of men who offer safe transport via enchanted means — to those who have the gold to pay.

Overseeing all this, on two of Kulthea’s five moons reside competing pantheons of non-corporeal entities who call themselves gods and who vie for followers among the peoples of the Shadow World.

This is a world where sorcerers clash with ancient technology, impulsive and unpredictable deities make war with humans as their pawns, and the ancient, mysterious Dragonlords walk as men.

Against them all rises the Unlife, an unspeakable force whose dark servants feed on the energy of the Essænce, and indeed, of all life…
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[A campaign based on the books and modules from Iron Crown Enterprises]

Return of the Long Night

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