Region Lore – Xa-Ar
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Xa-Ar was the second large country that fell to the powers of the white lord early during the second era. Since then not much is known about the country, it is known that it houses large tribes of Lugrôki and it is a staging area for the armies of Ulor.

Before it’s fall it was a mighty sea power and agricultural land, and unfortunately peaceful and not a large match for the mighty fleet from Ulor.


The Kaldsfang Mountains (also known in the Rhaya vernacular as the Dragonsfang Mountains, and in Saralis as the Saral March) forms the northern border of Saralis, and winds on west into Xa-ar, becoming rolling, rock-strewn hills. This range includes several dormant volcanoes and at least two active ones. There are many vents and fissures along the hills, many of which lead to winding volcanic tunnels and caverns. Some plunge even deeper and join the Ash Lairs.

The Kaldasfang range is on a fault line, and so is intermittently shaken by tremors. The residents have become as accustomed to this as one might expect someone could, and some have even adapted their architecture to withstand minor quakes. That said, the area has not suffered a major earthquake in over a century.

North of the Kaldasfang lies the region now generally known as Quellbourne. Eastward is Lu’nak proper, a contested region nominally held by Syrkakar, but often raided by forces of the Red Dragon from Ja’miil Targ. Much of northern Lu’nak is still blanketed by the majestic coniferous Blue Forest, while the southern plains are rolling hills, grasslands and moors.

The old Kingdom road is not as well maintained beyond the town of Rumaru to the east, and as one continues south-east (and approaches the Zor Wastes) the land is less arable. Northwestern Lu’nak is the location of the infamous Forest of Dír. Eastern Lu’nak is bordered on the south by the Lothshaw Mountains, which act as a shield against the Zor Wastes. Still further north, forming the rocky and treacherous northern shore of Jaiman, is the Sheolfar Strake, aka the Black Fork.

As the foothills descend into lowlands, about seventy to eighty miles south of the Kaldsfang ridge, there is a band of marshy territory which varies between ten and thirty miles wide, stretching from the ruins of Syrania eastward to the west bank of the Greensnake river.

This waterlogged area is mostly deserted and forms a barrier between the northern foothills and the southern regions of old Saralis. It was once fertile land, but was devastated during the Wars of Dominion and still has not recovered. The marshes are infested with insects, snakes and worse creatures.











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