Wars of Dominion

In year 6450 in the years counted after the founding of the College of Loremasters (later known as the Second Era), the feared harbinger of the final darkness arrives: the Comet appears in the sky, its red tail ablaze. The Comet Sa’kain grows brighter and more sullen, until it passes most closely to Kulthea. Almost as a unit, the people and creatures under the sway of the Unlife arose and attacked those who remained free of the dark domination. Great Demons and hosts of creates, led by Priests, Essænce Masters and the elite servants of the Unlife lashed out and attempted to destroy utterly what the Loremasters had nurtured for so long.

A shimmering curtain of energy wavered before us, undulating with an eerie beauty amidst the violence of this deafening Flow-Storm. And through that curtain – as if through an impure glass – we saw dim shapes: creatures of such ghastly form and movement that we were enthralled in a fascination of horror and disbelief. Fur and tentacle, claw and fin, oozing pustules and pulsing, distended protrusions, all mixed in unthinkable combinations made up the form of these beasts. It was as if the gods had gathered the most loathsome, unspeakable rejections from their creation of the races and combined them in a haphazard mass to form shapes which had no shape and creatures which could not live – yet did. Even our nightmares lacked the ability to conjure living things of such inconceivable shape. They were majestic in their sheer grossness of appearance.

These were the Older Ones, demons wholly alien to our world.


On that day, the world is torn asunder. The earth cracks and from great wounds pours armies of hideous creatures, a giant wave of unspeakable minions of darkness. Portals open and disgorge awful monstrosities from the Outer Planes and beyond. Captained by Ordainers and other lord demons, the Black Host sweeps across the lands, destroying everything in their path. At the van are the dark gods, somehow gaining material forms on Kulthea. The Loremasters and even the historically neutral Navigators take up arms and attempt to defend a few strongholds. Even the Masters of Emer are stirred from their self-imposed exile and join battle with the evil commanders. But it is a hopeless struggle.

The wars lasted for nearly three hundred years, and though the powers unleashed during this conflict were as nothing compared to the Lords of Essænce, much was destroyed that had taken so many years to build. There were many valiant leaders in the wars, and many who fell before the chill Shadow of the Unlife. Terrors unnumbered and unspeakable walked the lands and flew in the high airs. In desperation, some of the Loremasters turned from their unspoken creed of refusing to act directly and matched their own strength against the minions of the Unlife. Most perished in this effort, though without this aid the Peoples would almost certainly have fallen.

With the help of powers beyond the ken of normal man, one by one the evil masters are captured and forced off of Kulthea. How they were able to gain foothold on the world, with The Eyes of Utha watching over us, is unknown !?

How the war was won by the forces of good is unknown – someone, something must have intervened to help, as the forces of good were surely closed to perishing when the tide turned.

In the end the Loremasters and the Peoples of Light were victorious and defeated the forces of the Unlife, though at great cost. The victory of the Free Peoples had a high price: entire cultures and species were wiped out, Tethior the Smith was lost (along with many other valiant Loremasters and Sages) and the great Lord Andraax was driven insane.

Sa’kain passes, and the Portals of evil are sealed once again. Greatly weakened survivors retreated once again into themselves, concentrating only on the necessities of survival. This marked the end of the Second Era. Much is lost in the conflict; many lands are laid waste and valued leaders lie slain.










Wars of Dominion

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