Region Lore – Uj

The largest region of Emer, Uj is largely desert or arid land, its population kept low by the harsh conditions. The western third of the mainland is more fertile, protected from the desert winds by the Barrier Hills. Many islands and peninsulas around Uj contain thriving cultures.

The legendary city of Kaitaine lies just west of Uj, and southwest are the Isles of Itanis, home to the famous Itanis Warlocks and their Amazon guardians.

Key Geographic Features:
The Charn Plateau: Huge central part of Uj, the central highlands are also known as the Charn Plateau. Located between the Daluj and Umek rivers, it is nearly as barren as the deep desert in the eastern regions.

Scorpion Ridge: A hooking line of ridge, not unlike the curled barb of a scorpion, the ridge encloses the southern portions of the Bay of Izar.

Morbek Highlands: Vast area of ancient mountains whose peaks have long ago worn down. Mining attempts in these hills have yielded little, proving them worthless as well as ugly. Rumours speak of an underground kingdom populated by strange, stunted people.

Forbidden Ridge: The Forbidden Ridge are a series of sheer cliffs lie along the south of the Vul Arusi (“Enchanted Waters”), the old name for the Sea of Votania. They are ominous to view and few travel them willingly.

Gap of Uj: A wide plain opens up between Uj and Khûm-kaan, as a tear through the Spine of Emer mountains. Towering pinnacles of the Spine overlook the Gap like gigantic sentinels.

Barrier Hills: These ancient mountains rise to divide the peninsula of Lys from the sweeping deserts to the north.

Rumours and tales speak of an ancient city lying deep in the Barrier Hills, often referred to as the City of the Dead, which dates back thousands of years. In Laan stories it pre-dates the coming of the Laan to the region. Few who have ever sought this ancient ruin speak of an ancient evil that broods in the ruins.











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