Tower of Lost Magic

Tower of Lost Magic
(Isle of Lost Magic)

The Order to Open the Ways"Deep under the island is a round room with a corridor leading to the tunnel, and a spiral stairway in the centre. The stairway goes over 6000´ up to the top of the tower… Anyone stepping on that step while it is glowing will be whisked almost instantly to the oval chambers level, and find themselves stepping off into the room.

To activate the throne, a special sequence of the elements needs to be triggered. The sequence of which was found on a note buried at Yaalc Aenawg.

This place of ancient powers was once known as the Cave of Magic, now it is only the Isle of Lost Magic, because it is believed that the power has gone from it. But that power can be restored.

Maybe this is true…


Tower of Lost Magic - Oval Chambers A number of chambers, all now empty, around based around the central spiral staircase.

Traps and a few automaton guardians (Golems) are still active, and hidden in a secret chamber are a number of unusual items.

Bedrooms, abandoned conference rooms and storage can be found on this floor, as well as a chamber [#17] that allows viewing (through a magical portal) of a strange Citadel, hidden deep within snow capped mountains. Older, perhaps older that anything seen elsewhere, its strange architecture beckons of ages long past. Power, emanating upwards, from this Citadel tell that something still remains here – active, warding, watching….
Tower of Lost Magic - High Chamber This is a beautiful domed room of white stone, with many fine architectural details like the coffered walls and the twelve columns around the perimeter.

A large spiral staircase [#1] winds its way into the centre of the room. Alternating around this circular room are large crystal windows [#9-14], showing strange vistas, and alcoves – each marked with a large rune.

Pressing the six symbols surrounding the throne in the order indicated: Fire, Water, Light, Ice, Air, Earth and then pulling both orbs up and quickly releasing, sets the six stone sections of wall with the runes rise up into the ceiling. Behind these wall panels are small alcoves, and in those alcoves are niches. In each niche stands a large book with a matching rune on the cover.

Within some of these alcoves [#3-8], a number of leather bound books lie closed, yet emanating power. On examination, you find elemental books of spell power.
[#3]: Rune related to element of Ice
[#4]: Elemental Book of Air (incomplete- missing 1 page)
[#5]: Elemental Book of Water (incomplete- missing 1 page)
[#6]: Elemental Book of Fire (intact)
[#7]: Elemental Book of Earth (incomplete- missing 1 page)
[#8]: Elemental Book of Light (incomplete- missing 1 page)
Tower of lost Magic - Dark Blue Stone Throne A large throne of the dark blue stone, set on a circular platform just larger than the stair, so that when the throne lowers, the stairway is sealed. On the ends of the throne arms are two spheres of blue crystal about four inches across. The orbs are set into the ends of the arms, held by curling metalwork designed to look like vines.
1. Ruins, 3 truncated towers of stone of varied height
2. Wind (symbol of element)
3. Appears to be the base of a high stone tower, seemingly of a very ancient time yet it seems solid and relatively undamaged.
4. Ice (symbol of element)
5. “a road”
6. Light (symbol of element)
7. Ruins – Stone Circle
8. Earth (symbol of element)
9. Roof (of this building it seems)
10. Fire (symbol of element)
11. “a cave or cavern”
12. Water (symbol of element)

Note: on descending from the ceiling, the chair turns to face the Element of Earth (#7)
Six spires ring the platform, flat surfaces facing the centre, but rough and ‘natural’ on the outside. There are strange signs on the floor, carved in an even trough about an inch deep. On the side of each spire facing the centre of the platform is an oval indentation of translucent crystal about the size of a door. Set into the spire at about waist height and just to the right of each portal is a disk of frosted crystalline material about nine inches in diameter, with six small symbols or pictographs carved on it (matching the elemental ones on the dais surrounding the throne below), and a hexagonal hole in the canter. Tower of Lost Magic - Pinnacle Roof










Tower of Lost Magic

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