The Nameless One

A man known only as the “Nameless One” materializes in Zinvar in 5945. This is the first of dozens of fateful appearances across Emer in which he predicts disaster. Never does he suggest a way to avert this catastrophe; often he does not even specify what it will be or when it will occur. His purposes are impenetrable. Only the Loremasters have a comprehensive picture of the scope of his forewarnings, but even they are unable to intercept this elusive figure.

Quickly escorted o the island after a minor scare, his words come true in 5948 (supposedly three years to the day after his proclaimation) when a plague of madness envelops the entire population of the island. The entire population murders each other in a massive bloodbath, while res burn for days. To this day, the island is deserted and shunned.

Various stories abound about a stranger who has influenced Kings and great leaders, and seen lands fall through the ravages of war and intrigue. Only known as the Nameless One, tales are told and written of his passing through generations and lives of many.

Some of these tales are seen in the writings found in the The Library of Nomikos.

It was reported that in 6019, The Nameless One entered the Palace of the Emperor of Nuyan Khôm and warned the ruler of a great disaster. That night the Butterfly Scepter of Khôm was stolen and the stranger was not seen again.

The Nameless One in Nuyan Khom

We had known that the Man with No Name was in the city for nearly an hour; it was inevitable he would come to the palace. Nevertheless, there was a stir at the gates to the throne room. The Hutarn’s stocky guards stood ready with their maces, while his advisors and I clustered to one side. Sidran rose from the bejewelled Butterfly Throne in a rustle of golden silk and nodded to the doorwards.

The wide doors swung in, and, amidst four impressive Changramai, the Nameless One entered the chamber. Against the white and silver of his guards, the plain ebony robe of the foreteller of doom seemed almost anticlimactic. However, the Nameless One carried himself like a lord, and his hood was thrown back to reveal his face – the face of a K’ta’viir.

Not that his outward appearance meant anything. I cast every spell of detection and analysis I dared against this visitor, though I knew it was poor manners. So was not revealing your name. I was not surprised when my probing revealed exactly nothing. He was there in the flesh, but beyond that I learned nothing. I could not even be sure whether he was Man, Elf, or other.

It was only as the visitor drew close that I could see the fine work of his robe. It was embroidered along the hem and cuffs and collar with beautiful silk designs. The tailoring was exquisite.

All the while Hutarn Sidran waited stoically, his almond eyes betraying no emotion.

The Nameless One stopped a few paces away and bowed low. “Thank you for seeing me, Hutarn.”

I would welcome you to the land of the Nuyani, but my words would be empty.

I understand. But I do not cause these misfortunes; I am merely a harbinger. What you do with my warnings is your responsibility.

Speak then.” Sidran settled in the throne.

Your most prized possession other than the lives of your loved ones will be taken from you. Then and even worse, even those you cherish will be in danger from a killer who comes by night and day, a murderer whom locks cannot bar and armies cannot stop. The most vigilant guard falls to his invisible daggers.” The Nameless One paused and pulled his hood up to cover his face again.

That is all?” The Hutarn whispered, a man stricken.

That is all.” The unwelcome visitor turned and left the hall.

Reported by Loremaster Nelden Viirs
TA 6019
Transcribed by
Looma T’tornian
Scribe of Nomikos
TA 6023

In 6039, The Nameless One warned the Priest-Lord of Pochanto of impending doom. He was ignored and eight days later an earthquake leveled the capital city. Rumours of visits by the Nameless One were then heard for many years across southern Haestra, Námar-Tol, and other southern cities in the Lankan Empire.

Four years later (in TE 6043), The Nameless One appeared spectacularly in the Vajaaran city of Garlaak, exiting through a mystical Portal. He predicted impending disaster for the coastal town before disappearing through the Portal. That night a fog rolled in and enveloped the city. When the fog lifted, all inhabitants of the city had vanished.

As recently as the winter of TE 6050, The Nameless One is seen in Kaitaine with an escort of four Changramai predicting a fireball from the sky will destroy the city.

In TE 6052 (5.58), The Nameless One is thought to have appeared alone in the Garden of Songs on Karilôn. He warned of an impending global catastrophe and vanished. A few Loremasters claim to have seen six fingers on his hands (marking him as a Lord of Essænce), while a few believe they caught a glimmer of gold in his eyes, spurring a rumour that the Nameless One is in fact the legendary sixth Dragonlord Kydak Dûm, the Golden Dragon.

The Nameless One in Pochanto

From the balcony in his upper audience hall, the Priest-Lord of Pochanto watched the approach of the emissary. Despite this hot summer day in Dubach, L’chye Heronath failed to suppress a chill. Who was this ambassador? He claimed to come from the distant land of Kuvera; what his purpose was, L’chye could not imagine. He was not sure why he even agreed to see this man. . .except that he somehow feared to refuse. He should be resting; he was tired of the Lankan war and weary of bad news.

Flanked by his bodyguard of four stoic Changramai warriors, the emissary walked in unhurried strides down the Avenue of Ancestors to the palace gates. The hood of his long, flowing robe revealed nothing about his appearance. The Priest-Lord took his throne, adjusting his yellow silk robe.

The massive bronze doors of the audience hall swung open; pastel banners hanging from the high vaulted ceiling rippled in the breeze. Twenty palace guards in bronze armour marched in two columns to take their places along the colonnaded aisle.

Then he strode in. He didn’t even look as his guards were stopped at the door. He came to within 15 feet of the throne and bowed. The man’s voice was muffled in the hood as he intoned the correct address.

Greetings, Lord of the Pochanti, son of the god I-chaal, protector of the people of the Golden Plain. I am honored by your attention.

L’chye Heronath nodded in assent to the greeting. “And now, whom do I have the privilege of addressing?”

The emissary pulled back his hood, and inside was the face of a young man no more than twenty! Not an Elf, but a man, with dark skin and hair blacker than coal. He spoke then with a clear voice that echoed high into the arched heights of that audience hall. “I am the Nameless One."

TE 6039
(eight days before Dubach is levelled by an earthquake in which the Priest-Lord is killed)

The Nameless One’s appearances are becoming more frequent and his doomsayings more ominous: his fame has spread from Kaitaine to Sel-kai. All black-robed strangers are seen as approaching harbingers of disaster: spectres to be feared.

Echoes of laughter beneath the river’s end
Earth’s bosom has nurtured a fell child.
The stones are silent in pain.

The Guardians have become the gate’s betrayers.
The Nameless One will forewarn.
Heed the call of doom.

His was the name they learned to fear.
Darkness turns darker still:
His was the name they held most dear.

He is son of the Void.

The Nameless One, by Andraax
last words before vanishing through the Portal at Ruuth (SE 6825)

Over the many years, reports of his presence come from many lands. Each time, disasters supposedly follow. Now the rumor of his very presence, the report of a man in black with four Changramai bodyguards, is enough to send populations scrambling. Some blame him for the disasters, others feel he is just a prophet, but all believe in his predictions.










The Nameless One

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