The Lords of Orhan

Legend has it that the gods make their home on the great moon of Orhan, within vast palace complexes in various locations on that small world.

NameTitle/StatusSpheres of Influence
KuorKing of the Gods/Husband of ValrisRulership, justice
ValrisGoddess of Learning/Wife of KuorLearning, wisdom, magic
ReannGod of the NightNight, dreams, moon
EissaGoddess of DeathDeath, rebirth, Winter
PhaonGod of the Sun/Husband of OrianaSun, Summer, fatherhood, virilty
OrianaGoddess of Love/Wife of PhaonLove, fertility, Spring
CayGod of StrengthStrength, athleticism, combat
IlouraGoddess of the Earth/Wife of IorakEarth, harvest, Autumn, forests
ShaalGod of the SeaSea, storms, Fall
JaysekGod of Visual Art/Twin of KieronVisual Art, poetry, languages
KieronGod of Performing Art/Twin of JaysekPerforming Art, music, plays
TerisMessenger of the GodsBirds, flight, travel
IorakSmith of the Gods/Husband of IlouraSmithing/crafting

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Kuor is King of the gods and ruler of Orhan. He can control the weather on Kulthea and reputedly is master of the Flows of Essænce. He presides over the Conclave of Orhan: the gathering of the Lords to debate a major issue.


Wife of Kuor and goddess of learning and wisdom, Valris is patron of scholars and masters of thought. She favors scholarly clerics and monastic groups; Astrologers also often follow her. Mentalists revere her though of course they do not channel power directly from her—they tap their own ‘Essænce’.


God of the Night, he is master of sleep and dreams, sending visions to his followers. The night is his domain, though one which is tainted by the evils of the Unlife. As a result, Reaan has faced the terror of the Unlife more than any other Lord. Legend holds that he often travels to the Shadow World, hunting evil beasts through the night astride his mighty steed: a white Unicorn with luminous silver horn. He is feared by servants of the Unlife more than any other Lord. Riding through dark forests, a misty, shimmering presence in the night, his endless quest is to save the helpless from the fangs and claws of the evil demonic creatures of evil.

For worshipers: Additional details on Reann


Goddess of Death/Rebirth (and Winter), she is the sister of Reann. Eissa is the deity appealed to when a religious ‘Lifegiving’ is administered. She guards the Gates of Oblivion and it is her decision whether a soul is returned—even Kuor will not overrule her decision. Those who follow Eissa believe that the soul lives forever, though if the body is destroyed or fails due to age, the soul passes beyond the gates into another state of being. The worst fate is if the soul itself is somehow destroyed, something which can only happen to someone who falls victim to one of the Unlife’s cruel servants.


God of the Sun (and summer), Phaon rides a great winged horse with flaming mane and tail. Phaon was once patron of the Cloudlords of Tanara; he is often considered the god of ‘fatherhood’ in that, as husband of Oriana (the Earth-goddess) and god of the Sun, he represents the masculine aspect of fertility. He has fathered numberless children on Kulthea.


Goddess of Love and Fertility (and Spring), Oriana is a beauty with golden hair and violet eyes. She is the wife of Phaon, and flies beside her husband on golden wings made for her by Iorak. Called upon to aid in many wedding ceremonies, her blessing promises many healthy children, and an undying mutual love. She is called upon often, but rarely bestows her full blessing. She also has a more sensual side, playful and lustful. The worst fate is if the soul itself is somehow destroyed, something which can only happen to someone who falls victim to one of the Unlife’s cruel servants.


Lord of physical strength and athletic prowess, Cay is considered most handsome of the gods (with the exception of the twins). His favored weapon is a spear. Patron of athletic games, Cay is also an infamous seducer, having fathered countless children across Kulthea.


Goddess of the Earth (and the Harvest/Autumn), she is the mistress of growing things, of plants and animals of the lands. Many believe that she frequently appears on Kulthea in the form of a deer or other fleet-footed animal. Harvest festivals are the time she is most honored, and many peoples of the Shadow World give thanks to her for bountiful returns. Her husband is Iorak the Smith.


God of the sea (and of Fall). Shaal is also called ‘The Destroyer’ by some, in association with the erosion of the sea and sea storms. Shaal is moody and rarely is seen in his human form, instead assuming the shape of a Merman, whale or great dolphin. Ruthless and unsympathetic to all but sea beasts and peoples, he cares little about events on the land.


Jaysek is god of Visual Art and Magic, twin brother of Kieron —and like his brother, he is lean and beautiful. Very serious and at times sullen, he occasionally takes to writing morbid poetry. He wears black or grey garments, and has been seen on the Shadow World astride a dark horse, wearing a black, hooded cloak and speaking dark prophesies (though he is not the Nameless One). Jaysek composed (or has claimed to compose) many of Kulthea’s alphabets. He is the patron of Illusionists, Mystics, and Seers.


God of festivals, including the performing arts (music, plays, some poetry). He plays a stringed instrument called the Quindera and has a hypnotic singing voice. He is called upon to bless wine and ale, and to aid in recovery from hangovers.


Messenger of the gods, he appears as a beautiful, androgynous youth in his middle teens. He carries a short staff which records the messages to be delivered. Teris is the patron of one of the Navigator Guilds (The Navigators), his name occasionally mentioned —not always in a positive way—by other Navigator guilds.


Husband of Iloura and Smith of the gods, Iorak is physically strong but not the match in combat of Cay or Kuor.
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The Lords of Orhan

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