The Dark Gods

The third moon of Kulthea is known as Charón and is considered an evil presence by nearly every culture on the planet. The dark gods are believed to make their home here.

NameTitle/StatusSpheres of Influence
OrgianaGoddess of DarknessDarkness, women, sadism
InisThe DancerDance, pleasure, seduction
Kesh’ta’kaiMaster of SignsWriting, symbols, demons
AndarasLord of CatsCats
Z’taarLord of DestructionCombat, war, destruction
ScaluBringer of NightNight, nightmares
MoralisGod of Love and PainLove, pain, masochism
KlysusGod of Death, Lizard GodDeath, reptiles

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The Night of the Third Moon

There is no mistaking the Night of the Third Moon. Dark cults worship Charón. They consider the zenith to be a time of particular importance, a time when servants of the Unlife are able to leave their home on Charón and come to the Shadow World.


Goddess of Darkness, Orgiana escaped a purge of Dark demigods in southern Jaiman during the Wars of Dominion. She alone escaped back to Charón. She has been rebuilding her power and prepares for the
day when she will return to the Shadow World. Cruel beyond belief, she delights in pain. She has a particular loathing for men, and her cults are most frequently made up of females who torture and kill the males of their species.


The Dancer is a lovely woman with fair skin—and four arms. She vies with Moralis for the attentions of the weak, seducing those who cannot control their lusts. Cults of Inis are invariably devoted to youth, beauty… and the carnal pleasures. This includes any number of perversions, most of them unspeakable. Her servants inflitrate cultures and bring about their downfall through the violence brought about by vanity, jealousy and lust. Inis is also a warrior, a formidable opponent in combat, wielding four curved knives with her four arms in a whirling dance of death.


Kesh’ta’kai is the master of signs and symbols. The magic of words and letters is known better by him than perhaps any entity in the Shadow World milieu. This Dark God is relatively reclusive and has no desire to dominate others. In fact, he (along with Andaras) is in some ways not what one could consider ‘evil.’ He does hate the Lords of Orhan and the Loremasters—and nearly slew one of the Masters of Emer an age ago—but has little wish to dominate the peoples of Kulthea. But in some ways he is still the most dangerous of the Dark Gods. His followers are scholarly men and women, devoted to learning and copying ancient texts, and to mastering the arcane arts. Among these they count the mastering of Demons and the control of Gates and Portals. Unfortunately, their experimenting disrupts the Essænce balance and is causing constantly increasing access to the Shadow World by more unpleasant creatures.


The Lord of Cats is an interesting character, being less singleminded than some of his brethren. He is lord of numerous cat cults on Kulthea, and has a certain twisted sense of humor when dealing with his minions or their foes. Moralis’ followers differ from Inis’ in that they are more selfobsessed and masochistic. Their orgies end with many of them dead.


Z’taar is one of the more terrifying Dark Gods, partly because he seems almost mindless in his pursuit of followers and the destruction of his enemies. Z’taar’s cults are always oriented towards warfare and dominating less martial cultures.


The bringer of Night (and nightmares), Scalû has a particularly terrifying visage, if only because of its strange fusion. Though he may appear as a handsome human, Scalû’s normal form is that of a ten foot tall man with the head of a black hyena. Scalû is frequently at odds with Reaan, the Lord of Orhan
who also sees the Night as his realm and dreams as his playground.


The self-described ‘God of Love’ is one of the more twisted of the Dark Gods. He visits Kulthea to seduce
young women and men, and once he has them in his thrall, he takes them to his palace in the caverns of Charón where he keeps them as slaves. He abuses them in a perversion of love, leaving them emotionally as well as physically battered, yet they are so taken with him that they fight for the opportunity to be
with him. His harem is large but the membership turns over rather frequently. Moralis’ followers differ from Inis’ in that they are more selfobsessed and masochistic. Their orgies end with many of them


The lizard-god is the God of Death, enemy of Eissa (a Lady of Orhan). While she is the Goddess of Death as well, hers is a clean ending, with the release of the soul. Klysus’ death is a tortured sacrifice, where he drinks the blood and devours the very spirit of the dead. He is the Soul-taker. Klysus has a continuous thirst for victims and is one of the more frequent visitors to Kulthea to partake ‘personally.’ One of his most favoured groups of followers is the Lankan Empire in Tai-Emer.
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The Dark Gods

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