Ritual - Absence of Life

Ritual – Absence of Life

(being the means to destroy the Orb of Unlife)

The very existence of the Orb of Unlife is unknown to all but those in the inner circles of the Priesthood and a handful of others. The White Lord and his daughter, a few Loremasters, and Ondoval, the once Corrupt Lord of the Jerak Ahrenreth, can all feel the presence of the Orb of Unlife once it is summoned – thus beware of interference in the ritual.

Only Andraax, the Meddler, possible fully understands it… in his own strange way and he may seek to stop its existence through means beyond our ability to scry or predict. Thus the Ritual must be performed in a location, so hidden amidst the powers of Ancient Leys that he cannot ascertain the exact location.

As it grows in power, it in turn augments the powers of all our priesthood and our ultimate masters of Old. All will gain more energy over time and as the Orb opens The Rift to the glorious planes of Chaos, from which our Masters may soon reach and corrupt all. We believe the lost Tower of Lost Magic could house the Orb of Unlife, but you must weaken the garrison prior to opening the Rift.

The Orb could only come into existence given the weakness provided by the loss of one of the Eyes of Utha – were it not for the Corrupt Lord, our kind could not even enter this plane of such bounteous riches. As long as our Orb exists, the other Eye will slowly weaken until its protections also drop – at that time, our Ancient Masters will no longer be held and they will enter here and swallow all life in this Universe. Thus your role, great Priest, like those of your brotherhood, is to feed the Orb, tend it, sacrifice to it and weaken the foolish barriers protecting Life that were raised millennia ago by those meddling K’ta’viir.

To power the Orb and open it to Chaos, you must find and feed it both items of power (the more powerful the quicker the opening will form) and the lives of mortal folk, who must willingly sacrifice themselves to Chaos. Thus you must hide our allegiance to Unlife. Ancient artefacts are to be found in the Lost Isles of the north and two in particular are of priority, given the power they would provide the Orb. However, be wary as these items can also bring down all that thee strive for.

The Orb of Unlife can be destroyed by aiming both the energy streams of the Absence of Heat and Absence of Cold (as generated by the Absence Blades) at it. Any other energy attack would only strengthen it, but those two summonings are so absolute that they cancel each other and form a different kind of energy vortex, powerful enough to starve the Orb after about 12 seconds of continuous exposure. Of course the wielders of the swords must maintain that contact without interruption. To stop this, gather these cursed items of Legend and feed them to the Void.

The Uncold Sword is known to be hidden somewhere in these ancient ruins nearby – you must find and drain it for the Chaos. The Unheat Sword was so hidden, till it was recently taken by the demon Raathmaauriig to his tower found within the isle nearby. Fortunately, he cannot use it since he is bound to The Uncold Sword from ages past. Before you destroy it, draw it for this will surely arouse Raathmaauriig to its presence and he will come to reclaim the prize. Capture him and demand the other sword as payment for his release, but beware of the allies he may bring. Or else seek him within his abode (map in office shows location) – but you must gather this Heirloom for the Orb. I believe this demon has also stolen the last book, but since we cannot use them for the Void, it is of little consequence.

The ritual for capture is detailed for you – remember that he must be near death first before you will have the means to hold him, for his life is most valuable to him. Hurry and prepare for he will move quickly once The Uncold is revealed.

Take thy power – Drain Life – Let Chaos Rule

The Elder Mind, Dænkú

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  • The book referred to. that the demon Raathmaauriig held, was one of the Elemental Books
  • Ritual for capturing Raathmaauriig was researched and a reference to the procedure was provided by Valaan










Ritual - Absence of Life

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