Region Lore – Onar

A long peninsula extending from Khûm-kaan to the east, Onar reaches out to the mystical star of Iyxia, rumoured home of the Navigators. Separated by the sheer, impassable Crystal Cliffs
of volcanic glass, the eastern coast of Onar effectively severs all chance of accidental contact with mere mortals.

Two ridges dominate the landscape of Onar – the Black Mountains and the Crystal Cliffs. The former dominate the southern coast of nearly all of Khûm-kaan – towering, ebon hills run from southwest Khûm-kaan all the way along Onar to a hooked tip in the southeast.

Several major seas dominate Onar geography:

The Circular Sea: named because of its constant clock wise ocean currents sweeping around the Isle of Námar-Tol.

Imarc Dynn: The ‘bottomless lake’ is a calm body of water at the base of the Crystal Cliffs. Popular lore claims that the lake is so deep that it goes right through the earth at its centre.
The Bay of Songs: Said to have the most beautiful clear waters in the world, the Bay of Songs lies at the far southeast end of Onar and opens to the southeast.

Key areas of Onar include:

Rulaash Forest: a vast and impenetrable rain forest or jungle, Rulaash remains virtually unexplored. It lies in a region separated from adjacent lands and is rumoured to contain dangerous plants. It stretches almost to the foothills of the Black Mountains.

Ahnasan: Through a narrow straight, a lucky traveller will escape the grasping clutches of Rulaash to enter a land of few trees and endless rolling hills of grass. This is Anhasan, a large savannah plane ruled by the ‘cat people’ or Kinsai. They ride their huge catlike Kith and are herders of local stock.


The Kith are strange creatures – some mixture of local stock animals and wild jungle creatures. Their heritage is never discussed, but few understand how they could have evolved naturally. They are fairly intelligent and very loyal. Their fur varies from light gray to coal black, their eyes often a luminous green. While their short fur is fabulously thick and plush, it falls out when the animal is dead, so their pelt is not prized by anyone.

The Kinsai are named ‘cat people’ due to their relationship to the Kith; they resemble those of the western Emer, especially around Itanis.

Politics: Semi-nomadic, the Kinsai resort to slash-and-burn, as they have done for countless generations. The Kinsai are a number of extended family-clans ruled by the ‘eldest mother’ and are loosely allied in a great tribe.

Craft: the Kinsai have the rudiments of metal working and make tunics and clothing of soft leather hide. They generally live in tents of the same material.

Military: The Kinsai are masters of the hand-axe (and some use the larger battle axe) and use a bola-like throwing weapon to capture game.

Currency: none – barter and family honour is all that is required within the tribe

Language: the Kinsai have a simple tongue that carries many elements of Old Emerian (the tongue of the Emerian Empire). Their simple written tongue has no common round and it is assumed it was developed by the Kinsai over generations.

Worship: there is strong worship of a cat-god; it is unclear whether he has any relation to the Dark God Andaras. Many simply practice prayer to this unspecified deity.











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