Navigator Guild

Navigators & the Navigator Guild


Second in fame only to the Loremasters, the Navigators are a planet-wide coalition of several guilds, an alliance which has virtually monopolized a unique transportation service. By utilizing arcane devices, they provide swift, relatively safe transport to anyone who has the money to afford their prices.

Obviously, Navigators are masters of the Essence, for not only can they guide ships and caravans along the safest route, they are able to Teleport groups or even ships and large animals across vast distances by using nearby Essence Flows.

All Navigators utilize some sort of device (usually referred to as a Compass) in their trade, though its nature and appearance varies tremendously from Guild to Guild. One group uses a disk-shaped object resembling a large and ornate magnetic compass, worn about the neck on a chain. Another’s members manipulate an intricate device with many small tubes and slides which looks like a very sophisticated sextant. Yet another Guild uses a bracelet of silvery metal fitted with a single semi-spherical gem (about two inches in diameter) which glows a variety of colors: indicators to the trained eye.

It seems as though the Navigators take great pains to maintain the already pervasive mystique about their powers, perhaps to defend their monopoly, perhaps for the more altruistic purpose of holding a certain balance in the world. It is important to note that one of the tenets of the Alliance Code is that they will not transport what they consider military personnel or items, either for the purpose of attack, espionage or sabotage, and they maintain the right to refuse any assignment they consider to be such. If any Navigator has been successfully bribed to betray this code in the past, the organization has managed to keep it a complete secret. There have been a few incidents in the past in which some power-hungry lord has attempted to coerce a Navigator or, worse yet, kill one and use his Compass. The utter failure of such attempts is quite well-known. The retaliation has been swift and sure: one king who had a Navigator killed vanished soon after (along with the entire royal treasury) and was never heard from again.

Navigator Guilds

The Guilds have divided the world into districts, each Guild having a denied jurisdiction. The actual boundaries have yet to be understood by outsiders, partly because they seem to differ depending on the time of year and time of day. A single Navigator is always the guide for an entire assignment, however.

Contacting a Navigator

There is one common way to contact a Navigator, should one have the cash and the inclination to travel. Black stone obelisks, like obsidian prisms one foot on a side and twenty feet tall, are scattered across the lands of the world. They are unmarked and virtually indestructible.

Simply place a hand on one and say, in just about any language, something to the effect of “I require a Navigator” and one will magically appear within seconds. He or she will then discuss terms and payment (almost in flexibly cash up front). If the assignment is to be for some time in the future and/or another location, the client is given some sort of token in exchange for a hefty deposit, which the Navigator to whom the assignment is made uses as a locater focus so that he or she is certain to arrive at the location of the client’s cargo/passengers. In any case, the actual Navigator for the journey is often not the Navigator who assesses the charges (though they are of the same Guild).










Navigator Guild

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