There are a number of geological metals and alloys that have become popular or prized in smithing across Kulthea. The following is common knowledge within most cultures on Kulthea. Information on special materials and alloys is lore that is less commonly known.

Common Materials and Alloys (common knowledge)

StoneUseful for very base crushing tools only (bonuses to items created from -15 to -30)
WoodUseful for very base crushing tools only (-20 to -40) or for arrows (-5 to +5) with metallic or bone tips
BoneRarely used by any modern culture but can make crude (-5) tools and weapons
BronzeAlloy of tin and copper. Commonly used for most tools and weapons. Somewhat soft so not often enchanted
IronTypical weapon material. Can be made into superior non-magical weapons (+5)
Low SteelNon-magical mix of iron and carbon alloy. Typically used for base non-magical weaponry (+5)
High SteelSupposedly a non-magical mix of iron, carbon and other elements to provide the metal with special properties. Rarely used
Enchanted SteelMagical versions of the above, allowing better weaponry to be made (with +5 to +10 rarely +15 bonuses). Armour has similar protective bonuses but is often made using a mix of steel and other alloys
White AlloyA non-magical alloy of iron, carbon and titanium. Not commonly found or used
Black AlloyA non-magical alloy of iron and “star metal” (meteoric). Rare
MithrilOften called “true silver”, Mithril is a silvery metal whose beauty is unsurpassed by almost any other pure metal. Used on the rarest of armour and weaponry it adds significantly to the items protection or keenness (up to +30 bonus).
Dyr WoodSpecial magical wood extracted from the corpses of enchanted trees, Dyr Wood is unique in that is acts as a magical sponge and gets harder and stronger as more magic is applied to it. Unless properly worked by an expert fletcher or wood crafter, the end products are worthless.
Wyvern / Drake / Dragon HidesMagical hides of these fabled creatures, the risks in attaining fresh hide often outweigh the benefits that it provides though the armour protection can equal that of Mithril (from +30 for lesser to +50 for greater creatures). In addition, different hides of different variants of these creatures often add specific bonuses to some elemental conditions, whilst being weaker in protection against the opposite condition.

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Unusual and Rare Materials (metal, weapon, smithing or specific lore knowledge)

ShaalkAn enchanted material that is very lightweight, pliable and resilient. Thinner sheets resemble white “paper” but are glossier and almost indestructible. When exposed to extreme heat it melts. Used in Shaalk lock picks, it is rare and expensive but prized (allows bonuses of +20). Some special books of knowledge are said to be made of Shaalk pages and covering.
ArinyarkA metal said to absorb and retain raw Essænce. Said to be bluish-green. Rare to find and extremely hard to make into useful weapons or armour.
KeronBlack, shiny allow, this substance is very strong but flexible and holds a keen edge. When polished it has such a high lustre that it looks wet or oiled. It does not corrode, and is often enchanted.
IllinarA very rare form of enchanted ice, Illinar [“true ice”] does not melt.
LaenExtremely hard volcanic glass which can be forged into very keen-edged almost indestructible weapons. Laen can also be tinted and is considered an enchanted material
RularonDull silver metal which is supposed to (in sufficient quantities) prohibit the effects and use of Mentalism. Very soft and malleable, enchanted material.
Star IronAlloy forged from fallen meteorites, it is extremely strong once worked and has a dull, grey colour. Rumours persist of its “special” abilities or effects on all spell users and Essænce.
IthlossStrong, but light and somewhat flexible metal, it is an enchanted alloy that was said to be the gift of the Gods. The secret to making it has been lost in the ages. Stories tell that armour made from Ithloss provide superior protection as well as improve resistance versus elemental damage. Un appearance it is meant to be light golden in colour.
EogAn extremely hard metal, it is brittle in pure form but when combined with certain elements the resulting alloy can be used to make superior armour and weaponry (up to +50). “Common” enchanted Eog is dull silvery in colour.

“White” Eog is said to be able to limit the powers of Dark Essænce

“Black” Eog can inhibit or even nullify all non-Dark Essænce
KregoraAn extremely rare golden metal, Kregora is by far the most powerful of the anti- Essænce materials. Rumoured to be able to temporarily render dormant even the most powerful magical items, it can even drain power from spell casters through close contact. Kregora acts against all forms of magic. It is rare beyond description and costly beyond price (not surprisingly).
VaanumStrange, extremely rare silver-white metal which is believed to have originated from the evil moon Charón. The alien nature of this metal is said to be the antithesis of all natural life.
XeniumBlue-silver in hue, this alloy is created from titanium, Arinyark and other secret metals which together nullify the force of gravity. Used primarily on the bottom of skyships and the floating city of Eidolon, very few smiths are skilled sufficient to able to mix and use the alloy.











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