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Chapter 5: Of Fire and Ice (Game System used: HARP)

Chapter 5: Journey to The Isles of Blue Light (6052 Fall, Ordyen 35 – Kyayen 37)
Explore Yaalc Aenawg (Guardian Circle of Song)
Explore The Temple to Yaalc Muul and find a way into the caves below
Chapter 5a: Into The Bridge Caves (6052 Fall, Aryen 38 – Purlyen 40)
Explore the spheres and caverns to find the Salufis Tree and Yaalc’s hidden Vault
Chapter 5b: The Tower of Lost Magic (6052 Fall, Orhayen 41)
Explore the Tower’s Oval Chambers and High Chamber, find Elemental Books and a strange throne
Chapter 5c: The Demon’s Sword (6052 Fall, Buryen 42)
Chapter 5d: The Absence of life (6052 Fall, Buryen 42 – Melyen 44)
Confront Aalk Athimurl (The Absence of Life) Order and discover their terrible secret: The Orb of Unlife
*All above done *

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Chapter 5e: The path of the Phoenix (6052 Fall, ??)

Of Ice & Fire & the Sea: The Isles of Blue Light – Seeking the Salufa flower
2.1 Journey to Mur Fostisyr (Land of Blue Light), a bridge connecting to the Isles of Blue Light or Aargirpiri). (p74).
Explore Yaalc Aenawg (K. “Guardian Circle of Song”)
2.2 Explore Bridge Caves (p79)
2.3 Find Tower of Lost MagicIsle of Lost Magic (p88) …. see tower diagrams
2.4 Explore Fortress Aalk Athimurl – Find Orb of Unlife (+1 Dark knowledge)
Perform Ritual – Absence of Life against the Orb of Unlife
(final session: Mar 5th 2009 – level 5: “Of Fire & Ice…”)
2.5 Link to information from Valaan – Crowns, Nomikos…
Go see help from Sage Gilthanus…

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Volume III – The Grand Campaign

Chapter 6: The Secret Eye (Game System used: TBD)

Chapter 6: Prologue – The World Shakes (6053 Winter, Orhayen 1 – New Year)
Shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day, a massive earthquake rocks the entire planet. Huge hurricane-sized flow-storms wreak havoc across the planet. Thousands are killed in the days that follow.

Chapter 6a: The Road to Knowledge and Wisdom (6053 Winter, ???)
Where a library can teach you more than books ever could

  • Go see help from Sage Gilthanus…
  • The Phoenix Pendant: (information on Tethior)
  • Travel to Nomikos (learn of monks, etc)
    Learn of Zener Morndaak at Nomikos… more information
    Learn more about the Tower of Magic, Isles of Blue Light
    Learn about the “Eye of Utha” and what is happening
  • Moulin has dream of Journey ahead (including travelling to Nomikos): A prophetic dream of the journey ahead
Chapter 7 (Game System used: tbd)
  • Travel to Tanara via Navigator…. flowstorm to Zor

Places – Geography, Regions & Major cities





  • U-Lyshak – The Watchtowers of U-Lyshak (GM Only)

History & Lore

Items created by Tethior
Items from Saralis
Special ItemOwnerLocation Found
Blue Tree CrownMoulin – DavidTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Byrk Syrkakarg – (“Belt of the Greatking”)Moulin – DavidTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Twelve Amulets of Mah-ilari – EssenceCosta – MichaelTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Twelve Amulets of Mah-ilari – ChannelingAvalon – BradTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Twelve Amulets of Mah-ilari – MentalismTrevor – ChrisTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Twelve Amulets of Mah-ilari – ArmsHuan – NickFive Moon Onerry, Saralis
Helm of the Lord KeeperTa’ak – SteveTree Sphere
The King’s HammerTa’ak – SteveTomb of Velik-Mah
Staff of the ForsakenLoremastersTomb of Velik-Mah
Hammer of the Guardians of the Mah-ilariTrevor – ChrisTree Sphere, inside Bridge Caves
Collar of the Greatking
Visor of SightMoulin – DavidYaalc Aenawg, Holy Site
Elven DaggerCosta – MichaelTomb of Ugus Fost
The King’s Armour SuitTrevor – ChrisTomb of Ugus Fost
Dagger of Elf SlayingtbaTomb of Ugus Fost
Potion of Lifegiving: Restores life within 1 hour of deathGollum – BrentTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Potion of Lifegiving: Restores life within 1 hour of deathHuan – NickTomb of Sirdia-Mah
The Uncold SwordHuan – NickYaalc Aenawg, Holy Site
The Unheat SwordTrevor – Chrisfrom demon Raathmaauriig
Cloak of DeflectionsCosta – MichaelThe Aalk Athimurl
Ring of the High Priest AthimurlAvalon – BradIsle of Lost Magic
Dragon Claw (Kuugoraax)Moulin – DavidThe Aalk Athimurl
Dragon Horn (Kuugoruum)
Dragon Tooth (Kuugorkhiin)Valaan MahrindiSaralis
Wand of LightCosta – MichaelTower of Lost Magic
Staff of SpheresGiven to Valaan MahrindiSaralis
Staff of StormsAvalon – BradBridge Caves
Staff of SoulsCosta – MichaelBridge Caves
Phoenix PendantMoulin – DavidUnderground Tomb
Flute KeyAvalon – BradTower of Lost Magic
Twig BridgeAvalon – BradTower of Lost Magic
a red crystalAvalon – BradTower of Lost Magic
a purple crystalAvalon – BradTower of Lost Magic

Bracers of Uniting

OwnerLocation Found
Costa – MichaelTomb of Ugus Fost
Moulin – DavidTemple of Yaalc Muul
Avalon – BradAt Yaalc Aenawg, “Guardian Circle of Song” Holy Site
Gollum – BrentJunglesphere, Bridge Caves
Huan – NickFive Moon Onerry, Saralis
Trevor – ChrisInside Bridge Caves, in pool on Tree Platform

Elemental Books – found in Tower of Lost Magic

Elemental Book of FireCosta – Michaelcomplete
Elemental Book of AirCosta – Michaelcomplete
Elemental Book of WaterCosta – Michaelcomplete
Elemental Book of LightCosta – Michaelunusable: title page missing
Elemental Book of EarthCosta – Michaelunusable: title page missing; maybe in Rapata book shop?
Prophecy and Tales


Historical figures of note

GM Only



  • Religion of the Jan (GM only at this stage)
  • Other Religious Entities (GM only at this stage)

Miscellany & Glossary


Specific game rules on Magic, for example

  • Dark Knowledge (on Rules page)










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