Lore-Iylari Blacksmiths-Krelij and Tethior

The most famous of the Ilyari Blacksmiths, Tethior and Krelij were brothers. Both are known by the numerous artefacts and weapons of power that they created.

Items created by Tethior

In the early part of the Second Era the Iylari (I. “First Thinkers" the Noble Elves) asserted their dominion over portions of the World. The East had already been laid waste, the continent of Emer was largely wilderness. Jaiman, however – as well as the Vashaanic and Ronic lands to the south – were widely populated with the Immortals.

Although the Iylar Lords rarely dominated the Ruyari (I: Lesser Thinkers"; the mortal peoples) by force, they were often royal advisers and even rulers over mortals by default. The Elves were not held in fear in most lands, but were respected for their inevitable wisdom.

The Iylari of the period dominated much of the Habitable Lands. Their Smiths were skilled beyond imagining. It was about 4790 SE that the Iylar craftsman Tethior fashioned the Great Orbs (also called the The Ilarsiri, ‘eyes of far on’). These magical devices were reputedly among the most powerful artefacts ever created, their capabilities variable depending on the mental prowess of the wielder. At the least they allowed the user to see across great distances and gulfs of time. It was said that they could be used for darker purposes as well, aspects unintended by their maker. Four Master Orbs there were, and sixteen lesser ("Access”) spheres. The Master Stones were nearly 3 feet in diameter, and set in great pedestals of stone or wrought metal. The Access stones, only capable of communication with the Masters, were two feet across, and usually found berth in a graceful metal pedestal formed like a many-branched tree. Of all Tethior’s creations (which include the Six Jaimani Crowns, the pendants and the Images), the Master Orbs were the most impressive.

Krelij was Tethior’s brother and was also a master smith. In some ways he surpassed his older sibling, yet he was always jealous of Tethior’s creations. While Tethior made items, which brought vision and insight, Krelij’s focus was on tools of war. Although at first not evil in nature, Krelij was short-tempered and secretive. His greatest works were probably The Narselkin, fabulous swords designed to combat the evil remnants of the Unlife. In the end, Krelij succumbed to those very temptations, and became sundered from his brother. He travelled in the Northeast where the Unlife was strong, and in analyzing it to determine its weakness he was ensnared. The The Narselkin were pure and true however, weapons to stand against the Implementors of the Lords of Essænce.

The final fate of either brother is unknown. One tale speaks of a confrontation in which Krelij, insane with tried to murder Tethior. The elder brother slew Krelij in self-defence, wielding one of the The Narselkin.

Notes on the Ilarsiri (and Additional Commentary regarding)
Tethior and Krelij the Smiths, Andraax, 6214 Second Er

Copied from original scroll in Nomikos by Loremaster Seris Forle, (1256 TE)










Lore-Iylari Blacksmiths-Krelij and Tethior

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