Lore - Crowns, Swords and Pendants of Jaiman

6052 – date to be confirmed Information supplied from Library of Nomikos

Zener Morndaak – Report to the Loremaster Council

Where are the Fabled artefacts of the Six Realms of Jaiman? Indeed, the tales swirling about the Crowns, the Pendants and the Swords are many and contradictory. Recent events have forced discussion of these items and their locations into the limelight, and as a result, I have been asked to prepare a preliminary report on my findings. Herewith are the results of my search to date.

THE GRYPHON: Both the crown and pendant were taken south by the Loremaster Temeris just days before the orb of the Lords of Essænce was brought to Verzor. I believe that they are held in an enclave somewhere in eastern Jaiman. While one might draw the obvious conclusion that these items are in the monastic compound known as Gryphon College, I have been to this location and find no evidence of items of power. Instead, it is a rustic enclosure devoted to the study of medicinal herbs and other flora. I saw no evidence of animate gryphons, guardian creatures rumoured by locals. As for the Gryphon Sword, tales that it was destroyed with Verzor appear also to be erroneous. The last known bearer of the blade was Fen Uthgal, who happened to be on a diplomatic mission to Tanara when disaster struck. Without a home realm (and possibly mentally damaged by the death of his liege), he wandered the countryside for years. Local legend among the Myri tells of his decision to ask the King of Tanara to take his life and entomb the sword in the Catacombs of Ûr.

THE PEGASUS: The Crown—according to the Dúranak Araini of Tanara, heirs to the ancient kings—is in the Catacombs of Ûr, protected by many unsleeping guards. The pendant is worn by the First Speaker of the Jyaad, T’kaal Arain. Of the Sword, no one will speak, and I have found no trace of it since the fall. The Cloudlords may have knowledge it, however.

THE UNICORN: I have spent some time in Urulan seeking knowledge of the artefacts, to no avail. While the widely rumoured sense of a hostile ‘presence’ was definitely in evidence, I was unable to verify any link to the Crown; likewise the Sword and Pendant. I have not returned to Urulan since the apparent breaking of the Crown-spell to verify whether the ‘presence’ remains, but intend to do so.

THE PHOENIX: As we all know, The Phoenix Crown has been held in a vault under Haalkitaine for many years, gathering dust. That is, until the ascension of Jerrin Arej Malvion Faslurin III in 6043. He refused the Crown as did his predecessors, but his cousin Frelik managed to take the crown and flee north to plot a revolt. To my knowledge he has not donned the crown. The pendant was taken by the Empress Ajkara III in 5121 when she escaped a revolt of the nobles. It was subsequently lost. The sword was believed to be held in a vault beneath Haalkitaine, but when it was to be brought forth in 5899, the chamber was empty, the sword apparently stolen by subterranean creatures. The fact of the missing Sword is not common knowledge. I should note here that the chambers beneath Haalkitaine Palace are quite labyrinthine in nature, and I suspect they might connect to much older passages. I recommend further exploration.

THE WYVERN: The Crown of Saralis, along with the Pendant and Sword, vanished when that land was sundered late in the Second Era. There are scrolls which tell that, after the plague of SE 5900, survivors in the royal family fled to an isolated isle in Karísh Lake, but I have found no official record of a royal retreat there. We must assume that the items were destroyed when the palace was razed during the Wars of Dominion.

THE SEA DRAKE: Perhaps most interesting is the current location of the Sea Drake Crown. We are well aware of the turmoil in U-Lyshaak: the mysterious death of Prince Halek (of Helyssa, a province of old U-Lyshaak) in 6046, and the disappearance of his son Kier. Then, only days ago, Kier appeared in U-Lyshaak wearing the crown and employing powers of mythical scope. Entire armies ran in panic, according to eyewitnesses of our own order. The following night the skies of Jaiman were lit by coruscating displays of raw Essænce, and the next day, Kier’s power seemed to have failed. Fortunately, even the short time at full power seems to have been enough to turn the tide in U-Lyshaak. The Sword is now held by a young champion of Kier’s, and is being used to effect against the forces of the Priest Arnak. As for the Pendant, I fear that it is currently held by the Priest Yarthraak in his tower on the U-Lyshak coast.

While it is apparent that the Great Crowns have lost some powers, this event somehow linked to the Essænce display of 6051•5•21, Kier Ianis seems to continue to wield considerable magical power. I would venture to suggest that the Essænce display was a by-product of the destruction of the legendary Forge of Arion, a central controlling-point for the Crowns. However, the Artefacts of Tethior and Andraax retain some of their powers. Whether these are purely residual and will fail with time, or if they are inherent characteristics which will endure, only time will tell.

Zener Morndaak
A report to the Loremaster Council
TE 6051•5•69
(A copy of this report was recently acquired by Nomikos Scribes)










Lore - Crowns, Swords and Pendants of Jaiman

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