A multitude of languages exist on Kulthea. They can be roughly divided into four categories:
Racial, Cultural, Universal, and Dead.

Racial Language

Racial languages are the natural tongues that each race evolved.

Dyari(Dark Elf)DyarOnly distantly related to the other Elven languages, it is a harsh tongue.
Erlini(Wood Elf)ErlinErlin because of its stability and widespread use (plus its suitability for most humanoid speakers) is a de facto “common” tongue.
Loari(Grey Elf)KritiriMusical to human ears, it is rough when compared to Linaer.
Linaeri(High Elf)LinaerA very musical tongue, it sounds like singing to most humans.
Shuluri(Aquatic Elf)ShulurImpossible for most other races to learn fully as it involves sonar-like pitches and sounds.
DwarfDwarvishVery difficult for non-dwarves to have the opportunity to learn.
H’iraziCh’iraA chirping tongue, much like birds.
Murlogi(Goblin)MurlogWritten version is very primitive
KoboldKoboldWritten version is almost non-existent
Lugroki (Orc)LugroWritten version is very primitive
Trogli (Troglydites)TrogWritten version is very primitive

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Cultural Languages

Cultural languages evolved through common communities and activities. They cross racial boundaries and tend to be either regional tongues used for interracial communication or functional languages for groups. Most humans speak one or more of these languages.

ArlakLanguage of the amazon people of Sarnak
DanariLanguage of Danarchis, closest living tongue to Old Emer
ItanianDialect of Old Emer, spoken in Itanis
MavaunLanguage shared by the Lankan and Pochanti peoples, although each has a different dialect.
MiirLanguage of the Miirian states, descended from Old Emer
Muri-ElvenAn o shoot of pure Erlin, it is spoken in NE Emer
RhayaThe predominant language of Jaiman with seven distinct dialects
RhianiLanguages of the nomadic tribes of Uj
ShayThe “common” tongue of Emer, it has many dialects
TaalThe tongue of the Talath of Bodlea
VajaariAn unusual slurring language spoken only in Vajaar, it seems unrelated to any other language

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Universal Languages

So called universal languages are used by a various multitude of beings and are widely known.

BlackSpeech A common tongue used by all servants of evil
Thieves’ CantUsed by the Thieves’ Guild for shorthand communications

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Dead Languages

Enris-SokalOriginally used by the Terenians, a civilization of the late Second Era, it was in widespread use among the scholars of the time. Many old scholarly works are written in this language.
IruaricThe language of the Lords of Essence
Old EmerFrom approx TE 2000 to 3500, the entire continent of Emer was united under one Emperor and enjoyed a renaissance of culture. The people spoke one language (called Emerian at the time) which forms the root of many of the current languages on Kulthea, but is unrelated to Shay, the current common tongue of Emer.











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