Isles of Blue Light

The Isles of Blue Light

Note from Andraax on Forest of Dir and Isles of Blue Light

A region in northern Xa-ar, the Isles of Blue Light have an ancient history, peppered with God-rulers, ancient uprisings, tales of Demon Lords and dragons and rumours of great mystery and power.

In reality, they are a cluster of islands at the far north-western tip of Xa-ar, connected by a bridge between the mainland and the Mur Fostisyr (S. “Land of Blue Light”). These isles, interestingly enough, are known as the Aargirpiri (K: “ Isles of Blue Light”).

Note that ‘ Mur Fostisyr’ is a Syrkakar name, while the language of the islands is Kugor, the ancient tongue of the Dragons. In fact, all of the islands have names in the Dragon-language. The reason for this dates back to the Lotana immigration in the third millennium of this era. The Lotana of eastern Mulira knew Kugor (the Mentalist priests were taught it by their god-king Yaalc Muul) and considered it a holy language, used to name important or revered things, like the lands. When they came here, the islands and most of the peninsula were uninhabited, so they named the places as they saw fit. The people called themselves the Aanac n’Kuugor (K. “People of the Dragon”); in later ages this became shortened to Aanaku.

These first Lotana settled on the peninsula, but Yaalc Muul took an interest in the isles to the north. They were too dangerous to land on with surface boats, so he used his powers to create tunnels under land and sea, linking the western chain.

Over the millennia, a number of powerful factions and rulers were known to inhabit this region, and many powerful groups both fought and supported them. Numerous artefacts and significant lore were also established, many of which still have a place in today’s world and reside in the hands, tombs or houses of the rich and powerful.

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Isles of Blue Light

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