Chapter 4c

Volume II – The Land of Xa’ar

Chapter 4: Grave Events 6052 Fall, Orhayen 21 (HARP)

The Tomb of Sirdia-Mah

Sirdia was King of the Mah-ilari from 1495 to 1740 SEI; it was he who died without an heir and ended the line of kings. Searching you fine some information and many treasures of old.

This inner tomb is found beneath the Tomb of Ugus Fost and it is here that you found your clue to the dark curse that would slay those infected within a few weeks.

Tomb of Sirdia Mah

This inner tomb is more beautiful and palatial that the outer one was before the Syrkakar covered it over. The floors are of large polished blue stone tiles, the walls of fine mosaics of marble and glass of myriad hues of blue and green. The pillars are all of Orhan marble, which somehow glow even underground when Elves are in the chamber.

Despite the many traps, you finally reach the inner mausoleum, a room with grand, marble-lined and vaulted chamber; the ceiling reaches fifty feet high in the centre of the room. Columns run the perimeter, and the large marble tiles covering the walls are engraved with the history of the king’s reign. In the centre of the chamber, on a stepped dais, is the sarcophagus made of a translucent white stone

In a secret room [#18] you find the Blue Tree Crown. In a coffin-like box on a pedestal next to it is the King’s armor suit. In other small boxes are four of the Twelve Amulets of Mah-ilari; one from each of the four realms (Essence, Channeling, Mentalism & Arms).

Deep within this inner tome, you come a room that once might have been an archive of knowledge [#14]. Little remains of the many scrolls and books, but you do find a message – crafted into the stone and hidden, telling of a Blue Forest where hope lies in dealing with the curse.

Note from Yaalc Muul on Isles of Blue Light

On returning to Valaan, you learn that the Loremasters have identified the staff, the source of your evil curse, as one that once belonged to an ancient race. The Staff of the Forsaken is so evil and powerful that they are not willing to return it, lest it end up in the hands of the Unlife.

Linked to this ancient race, and with strong connections to the Unlife, they fear that the curse is not curable and that your party will soon see 3 members waste away, dying and then returning as beings of Unlife.

However, with your new find about the enchanted golden flowers of the Salufis Tree, there is a possibility that this rare herb could counteract the evil of the curse. This tree has a single bloom, once each year, called the Salufa flower from which a cure to the curse may be distilled.

The Loremasters provide you with the necessary steps, should you be able to procure such a flower, to make the potions that would hopefully cure you, and with Valaan’s assistance, you plan your trip to the Isles of Blue Light.

With an better understanding of the curse, and the only possible antidote being the golden flower of the Salufi Tree, you make plans for your next adventure to explore deep within the Isles of Blue Light.

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As you prepare for your journey in search of the Salufi Tree, you examine the small white orb that was held by the boy, Jelaak, and dropped so many days ago. Its familiarity tugs at you, and finally the reference in the note he dropped (“Soon after the Moons move again, Rapata will burn in blood.”) on the moons moving reminds you of the Five Moon Orrery in the Five Moons Square.

Five Moon OrreryVisiting the Orrery at night, you discover that the white orb matches the size and shape of the Moon Tlilok. Replacing the orb in the Orrery with your white orb causes all the moons to slowly illuminate. As the orbs glow, there will be a whirring sound and the whole mechanism will begin to turn fairly quickly, as the mechanism animates to reflect the real movement of the moons.

As the Moon Tlilok comes into correct position, you hear a “click” and a secret panel about 5 feet high and three feet wide at the base of the column will pops open. On the floor of this compartment is a sack containing one of the Bracers of Uniting, one of the Council Amulets of Arms, and a wooden tube. Inside the tube is a blank sheet of a blue-white material a foot wide and sixteen inches tall, like paper but more resilient (it seems impossible to tear) yet it is ragged along one side as if it has been ripped.

Costa recognises that this is a magic scroll but is unable to read it, and so he carefully places it away for later research.

Party Note: Later on you will find the Elemental Book of Air and realise that this is the missing title page, without which the book is non-functional.

Valaan Mahrindi promises to examine this device, for surely it is a means of teleport or portal, and after a few days he does believe that it can be used for such travel, though he admits he is not sure of to how many places. Rather than risk a random teleport or accident, he agrees to keep examining the device (in secret so as not to alarm the people of Rapata) and he will arrange a Navigator to take you to the shores of where the Isles of Blue Light, a small village call Kraxinor.

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Huan Hung Loh3Human/Lugrok (Orc)MonkNick
Gollum3Human (Gnome)/Loar (Elf)ClericBrent
Moulin3Human (Gnome)RogueDavid
Trevor3Human/Elf (Loar) Warrior MageChris
Ta’kk3 Human/Lugrok (Orc)FighterSteve
Avalon Elthanus3 Elf/Human (Orc)ClericBrad
Special Items FoundOwnerLocation Found
Blue Tree CrownMoulin – DavidTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Byrk Syrkakarg – (“Belt of the Greatking”)Moulin – DavidTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Twelve Amulets of Mah-ilari – EssenceCosta – MichaelTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Twelve Amulets of Mah-ilari – ChannelingAvalon – BradTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Twelve Amulets of Mah-ilari – MentalismTrevor – ChrisTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Twelve Amulets of Mah-ilari – ArmsHuan – NickSaralis – inside Five Moon Orrery
Bracer of UnitingTrevor – ChrisSaralis – inside Five Moons Orrery
Potion of Lifegiving: Restores life within 1 hour of deathGollum – BrentTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Potion of Lifegiving: Restores life within 1 hour of deathHuan – NickTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Title Page – Elemental Book of AirCosta – MichaelSaralis – inside Five Moon Orrery
CurrencyParty Total| Each:PlatinumGoldSilverCopper
Gems (sold for cash)1,500 gold | 214 2 8
Currency65,000 gold | 9,285 7 2

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Chapter 4c

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