Chapter 4

Volume II – The Land of Xa’ar

Chapter 4: Grave Events 6052 Fall, Orhayen 11 – Usivyen 13 (HARP)

Journey to Saralis

Valaan MahrindiSuddenly a portal of light opens before you, and out steps and old man – mystic or sage in appearance. He offers to assist you, and helps you escape taking you to the land of Saralis, in the north-western part of the continent of Jaiman.

The portal opens up near the town of Rapata (Bridge-Town), a small community that is built on the Syrania Bay.

The navigator takes you to meet his employer, who introduces himself as Valaan Mahrindi, a sage, alchemist and collector of rare items. He tells you much about the lands and history of the area, which seems familiar to you though you cannot recount from where you may have heard such tales before.

Showing you around Rapata, Valaan arranges accommodation for you in an Inn off the Five Moon Square and allows you to rest.
Town of Rapata

Whilst you are town, you attend the Inns around the Five Moon Square, where the conversations lead to discussion on the growing thievery in the area. Determined to help the locals, you investigate the increased events of theft and thuggery that have transpired in recent months.
Five Moon Square

Burial mound
Many of the locals believe that it is the long dead that have arisen against the town, whilst others believe it is just thugs, who have been stealing from both the ancient burrows (burial mounds) as well as, now, from their local businesses. Determined to investigate, you set out in search of some of these “burrows”, to see if there are truly undead about.

Many of the burrows are undisturbed, but a few do contain lesser undead. Nothing that could cause serious harm to your new party, but certainly a worrying sign. What in this area could have allowed such creatures to rise from their graves? Could the thieves actually be in league with something more sinister or is there something else in the area affecting the recently departed?

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Note to Jelaak, found in Rapata
Your chance encounter with a young scoundrel – probably part of this thieves’ den – leads to a chase to the Four Moons Square, where you confront him. In his haste to escape, he drops a bag that contains a note, a small white orb, some rose petals, and a small paintbrush.

This note leads you to a strange device – the Five Moon Orrery – located in the middle of the Square – a device that has odd magical attributes and that seems to be far older than any other building or landmark in the area. Valaan promises to investigate this, especially given your comments about the movement of “the Moons”.

Five Moon OrreryLater that evening, you see the boy, Jelaak, at the Orrery completing his act of vandalism. Following him, you track down the den of Thieves who have been raiding the area. The thieves were using an abandoned mine as their base, and you easily overcome them.

Apparently the thieves have been quite active in this area, diving fear into the inhabitants of Rapata by pretending to be monsters or undead. This way, the inhabitants were often reluctant to be outside in the evening, allowing the thieves more easy access to the various business and wealthy homes within the village.

In your investigations of this mine, you come across a hidden and magically locked doorway, that opens into a series of ancient burial sites located beneath the mine. Discovering the entrance, you eagerly open the ancient tome, seeking whatever treasures might lay buried within….

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Huan Hung Loh1Human/Lugrok (Orc)MonkNick
Gollum1Human (Gnome)/Loar (Elf)ClericBrent
Borag1DwarfPaladin of IorakDavid
Lerandur1Iylar Linaer (elf)MagicianMike
Trevor1Human/Elf (Loar) Warrior MageChris
Ta’kk1 Human/Lugrok (Orc)FighterSteve
Avalon Elthanus1 Elf/Human (Orc)ClericBrad
Special Items FoundOwnerLocation Found
Small white orb – Tlilok moonLerandur – MikeSaralis – part of Five Moons Orrery
CurrencyParty Total| Each:PlatinumGoldSilverCopper
Cash105 silver | 10 5

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Chapter 4

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