Chapter 2a

Volume I – Phoenix Rising

Chapter 2: Trials 6051 Winter, Buryen 12 (Rolemaster)

Into a strange land: the Village of Shyrac

As you awaken you find yourself in a strange place, the memories of space, moons and images like a distant and fading dream. In a sudden flash, seemingly from thin air, a person steps out of a slit of empty space. Where previously there was normality, this sunder in the air appeared almost on top of you.

In a sudden flash, seemingly from thin air, a person steps out of a slit of empty space. Where previously there was normality, this sunder in the air appeared almost on top of you.

The figure, nonchalantly adjusts his clothes before stepping up to you. His eyes pierce your very soul as he assess whether you are the one he is seeking or not. As he introduces himself, you notice that he wears a strange, glowing device on his wrist, which dims within a few seconds of the “rift” closing.

Your presence is required – your attendance is demanded”, he states, as if it was so simple that a man can materialise out of think air. Shocked you stare back, dumb founded, and after a few moments, can only question what he said and why he was here.

Your presence is required – your attendance is demanded. How hard is that to understand.”, he repeats. “Either come with me, and live, or else you will die – apparently, for that is what The Seer has told me”.

After a moments pause, he simply waves his arm and triggers a strange device that he wields, and as another split in the fabric of the very air opens, he motions you forward toward it with the words, “Either go through and learn of your destiny, your fate and help our world survive, or stay here and be ignorant, as all life is undone. Starting with yours….”.

Apparently, for each of you, the story is similar – though your guides seem to have been many individuals, as each was dressed differently and each used a different device to trigger their portal. Some of you came willingly, others after some cajoling and a couple only on the promised of significant rewards.

In front of you stands a man – old for certain, but surprisingly sprite. His presence suggests great wisdom.

Greetings – I know you have many questions and do not understand why you are here. I am Luarto Shang, a Seer that has spent too many years delving into the mysteries of this world. My heritage and magic has allowed me to research the past and forecast the future and you, all 5 of you, are key to the very survival of this world. Before you ask your questions, I need to tell you that Evil also knows you exist – they do not know where or who you are, but they know you exist, for you have encountered them a few times before.

As such they will be coming for you and if you are unprepared or inexperienced, you will perish. And they will be coming soon…..

He tells you that you have a great destiny and a powerful heritage. However, he is uncertain whether you will be able to meet this destiny…

I cannot fully explain what has happened to you, nor am I willing to place the entire planet into your hands without being sure you are those that deserve such responsibility. I will offer you a few things if you can prove yourself to me.

Firstly, I will personally train each of you in specific arts that will enable you to be useful in the combat against the Unlife that fate has decreed to you. Secondly, I will provide you information on what has happened in the millennia since your arrival on this world…. Yes, the millennia though you do not fully understand what that means…. Yet…..Lastly, I will protect you from the dangers that you are unprepared to face!

However, you must first prove to me that you are the ones that I seek. There is a device from ancient times, from the very Lords of Essence that once ruled this world…. It still exists, and I hope it functions, for it will provide you with a vital advantage as well as enable you to truly understand who you are.

It will release your memories – your racial memories or your past lives, I care not what you call them. In doing so, you will not only be better able to survive your forthcoming ordeals, but you will also have access to much of your past abilities –therefore you will be able to mature your skills much quicker.

If you are not the ones then at best you’ll gain some mental strength, but no past lives will surface.

But…. I need to determine the location of this device. I will be back in 2 days with the location. In the meantime, I need to “hide” you somewhere safe. Here is something that will compensate you for your time. I hope the wait will not be too much of a trial for you.

Wait for me in this village – I will be back in 2 days, maybe 3. It is a quiet out of the way community that I have visited in the past. They are very kind to travellers and welcome them. You should be safe.

If you get into troubles, I will come to help. I will be watching you

Leaving you alone, you slowly come to realise that you each have a common set of dreams – of space, of stars and of beings high above, manipulating those here on Kulthea. Perhaps the words of the Seer are true; perhaps you do have past lives, destinies and a fate that was not visible to you a day before. Your old lives – of farm work, hunting, cooking and living simple lives – seem like a fairy-tale.

So together you all decide to wait for the Seer and see what he can find… perhaps the village of Shyrac can offer you some excitement. As you come to know your fellow adventures better, you also come to learn that there is more going on than any of you could possibly imagine.

So, whilst you are in Shyrac you help the community with a number of small quests….

You help clear the town’s well of “fake” undead who were actually bandits, dressed to terrorize and then blackmail, the small village’s inhabitants.

You encounter prisoners in Shyrac’s prison as you search for a missing item for a wealthy merchant, helping free one of them who was unjustly locked away.

You then meet Shyra and with her help clear the area of undead, including the slaying of a recently formed Lich whose powers were still untested.

These few adventures help you feel normal, and perhaps help you understand what awaits you once the Seer returns.

After a few days, you start to wonder whether he will return or whether he has left you in some abandoned village. And where did he go? What was so important? What did he go to find?

Your answers came after a few more days, when The Seer Luarto Shang finally returned to Shyrac, with exciting news, and another adventure…. one that he promised would help return more of your forgotten memories (you think he actually said “lives”) and prove that you are special people, with the destiny that he alluded to.

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Wan Hung Lo 1 Laan (Man) Monk Nick
Ravena 1 Talath (Myri) Paladin Brent
K’undee 1 Kinsa Magent David
Lerandur 1 Iylar Linaer (elf) Magician Mike
Drulle 1 Talath (Myri) Barbarian Chris
Wan hung lo Ravena
Special NPC Encountered Race Status Notes
Luarto Shang Human Seer Ally Assists party after they awaken

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Chapter 2a

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