Chapter 1a

Volume I – Phoenix Rising

Chapter 1: Awakenings (Some time in the far distant future….)

Physical Awakening

You dream…. Of a room, with stone walls – not a room, but a prison cell.

You lie on a hard bed – a mattress made of rocks perhaps or compressed straw that is now as hard as rock – staring up at the blank, unfinished rock ceiling only a few metres above your head.

As you stare through the iron bars (evenly spaced in the dark crumbling mortar of your cell door) across the room beyond, you see others – six of you in total. Your cells are all similar – the bed, some minor amenities for toiletry and a table on which rests an empty cheap tin plate, fork, knife and porcelain jug.

In the centre of the room is a single table, 3 large wooden chairs and what looks to be a well made wooden chest with an obvious iron lock atop. Two sets of wooden double doors can be seen by you as you look around the room, and perhaps a similar third set is not visible to you given your limited view.

Searching, you eventually determine a means of escape. As you dig through the mortar at the intersection of the wall and ceiling you come across a dead elongated worm, or what appears as one. It is small (perhaps ½ cm in diameter) and has a shiny black coating that resembles wet leather, yet is not damp at all. The worm stretches both ways into the mortar and as you pull more out it seems to stretch forever along the crack between the wall and ceiling.

You battle your way past guards, finally entering a large domed room, in the centre of which stands a massive skeletal figure. As still as a statue, it stands between you and the only way of escape, and so you rush it, hoping to destroy it and gain your freedom.

The fight is vicious, yet brief – your bloodied bodies litter the floor as the undead monster tears you limb from limb. Nothing could prepare you for such evil, such malevolence – nothing in your experiences could have prepared you for such an enemy of life itself.

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B’rak 1 Man, common Fighter Nick
Drellet 1 Elf, wood Bard Wendy
Leessahna 1 Half-elf Rogue Brent
Srenn Flek 1 Man, mixed Ranger David
Tullo Sensil 1 Man, common Cleric Mike
Ulan 1 Half-orc Barbarian Chris

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Chapter 1a

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