Changramai Monastery

Changramai Monastery

Based on the Changramai philosophy/religion, the monastery is a school of unarmed combat, named for the legendary Master Changrama.

Situated in the foothills of the Choak Mountains, this secluded structure has nevertheless gained fame as far as the shores of Thuul. To outsiders, the nature of this organization (they are said to worship Cay, warrior of The Lords of Orhan) is contradictory. They are deeply religious, yet their intense training prepares them to be hired out to those who can pay their fees, no matter what their alignment.

Whatever their motives, the skill of these monks is legendary and only slightly exaggerated. They are adept at an array of weapons, and they are masters of the art of unarmed combat. Once they accept responsibility for protecting a person or place or object, they will willingly die to do so.

The already considerable notoriety of the Changramai has increased in recent years by association with The Nameless One, for he is frequently seen in the company of four Warrior Monks. The monks also stand guard at the doors of the Nomikos Library and selected other locations where clients are wealthy enough to pay their fees.










Changramai Monastery

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