Volume I – Phoenix Rising

Chapter 1: Awakenings
(Game System used: SpaceMaster & RoleMaster)

Prologue: How it all began… (Sometime in SE 1950 – Second Era)
Travelling through space can be a hazardous…
Chapter 1a: Physical Awakening
A prison, an escape, and a terrible encounter – an anathema to life itself.
Chapter 1b: Spiritual Awakening
A dream, a nightmare and the prince of night awakens
Chapter 1c: Celestial Awakening
Visions of Past, present and future lives – all separate yet all together

Chapter 2: Trials
(Game System used: RoleMaster)

Chapter 2a: Into a strange land: the Village of Shyrac (6051 Winter, Buryen 12)
A village held under the grips of thieves and perhaps something more
Chapter 2b: Journey into The White Wood (6051 Winter, Melyen 14 – Maryen 16)
Proving your worth by exploring the mysterious and dangerous The White Wood
Chapter 2c: Mining for Special Ore (6051 Winter, Kyayen 17 – Aryen 38)
Dumped in Norek, a brief prison stay leads to a search for a mystic ore called Rularon

Chapter 3: Visions
(Game System used: HARP [RoleMaster converted characters])

Chapter 3a: Attack on the Vault of the Sea-Drake Helm (Sometime early in Third Era of Ire)
Protecting an artefact of great power, but can you survive?
Chapter 3b: The Battle for the Shadow World (End of First Era of Ire, ~112,000 years ago)
Titans from the First Era fight the final conflict
Chapter 3c: Revealing Conversations (6051 Winter, Kyayen 17)
Dialogue of Four Voices reveals much… but what are scares them so much?

Chapter 3: Appendix – World Event (6051 Fall, Buryen 32)
Minor earthquake in Sel-kai, Meluria, and central Jaiman. The Jaimani lakelands are enveloped in a dense fog even as they enjoy a spell of balmy weather. Clouds gather over the entire continent. The global phenomenon lasts only a few days, but during those days weather patterns, essence flows and magic are all unpredictable.
Flowstorm activity reaches an all-time high, spells fail, and even the Navigators suspend magical travel. Within a few days the more serious storms subside, and the Navigators resume full service by 6051 Fall, Purlyen 50 (5/50).

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Volume II – The Land of Xa’ar

Chapter 4: Grave Events
(Game System used: HARP)

Chapter 4: Journey into Saralis (6052 Fall, Orhayen 11 – Usivyen 13)
Travel to Rapata and find a village terrorized and in need of help
Chapter 4a: Tomb of Velik-Mah (6052 Fall, Ordyen 15)
Release an ancient undead evil and discover the power of the Curse of Unlife
Chapter 4b: Tomb of Ugus Fost (6052 Fall, Purlyen 20)
Seek answers from the ancient Tomb of the Lord Ugus Fost, and discover the tomb below with its many treasures
Chapter 4c: Tomb of Sirdia-Mah (6052 Fall, Orhayen 21)
Find answers from this ancient tomb of the Second Era’s King of the Mah-ilari

Chapter 5: Of Fire and Ice
(Game System used: HARP)

Chapter 5: Journey to The Isles of Blue Light (6052 Fall, Ordyen 35 – Kyayen 37)
Explore Yaalc Aenawg (Guardian Circle of Song) and The Temple to Yaalc Muul to find a way into the caves below
Chapter 5a: Into The Bridge Caves (6052 Fall, Aryen 38 – Purlyen 40)
Explore the spheres and caverns to find the Salufis Tree and Yaalc’s hidden Vault
Chapter 5b: The Tower of Lost Magic (6052 Fall, Orhayen 41)
Explore the Tower’s Oval Chambers and High Chamber, find Elemental Books and a strange throne
Chapter 5c: The Demon’s Sword (6052 Fall, Buryen 42 – Melyen 44)
Seek out Raathmaauriig and capture him with Ritual for Demonic Capture
Chapter 5d: The Absence of Life (6052 Fall, Maryen 46 – Kindagyen 49)
Confront Aalk Athimurl (The Absence of Life) Order and discover their terrible secret: The Orb of Unlife

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Volume III – The Grand Campaign

Chapter 6: The Secret Eye
(Game System used: TBD)

Chapter 6: Prologue – World Event (6053 Winter, Orhayen 1 – New Year)
Shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day, a massive earthquake rocks the entire planet. Huge hurricane-sized flow-storms wreak havoc across the planet. Thousands are killed in the days that follow.

Chapter 6a: The Road to Knowledge and Wisdom (6053 Winter, ???)
Where the past teaches us more about the future than we ever could guess
Chapter 6b: Gather the Phoenix (6053…)
Gender diversity required for a firey rebirth
Chapter 6c: The Library of Nomikos (6053…)
Reading can be hazardous to your health











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