Andraax – tales tell of an ancient sage, wanderer and perhaps a lost god… he has been seen throughout history, as an observer or meddler and is viewed as the greatest (and oldest) of the Loremasters.

A vagabond, wandering the streets and claiming to be an ancient prophet and Loremaster, is arrested due to disturbances he causes in the marketplace of the capital. As the officials arrive to escort him to gaol, he claims to be Andraax or Anthraax and calls to all observers that their doom is neigh. His ramblings attract little attention from anyone but the children on the street, fascinated by the ramblings of a drunken fool, who claims that God’s Eye has been stolen and the world will shortly suffer and die.

The story is ignored by all, though the severe storm that destroyed a nearby village and a series of violent earth quakes that week cause a few to ponder if he was right.


Some say that today he still wanders the land – whether as a ghost or a immortal man is unknown. Some swear that he still meddles in the affairs of men, kings and councils, whilst others say that this is sheer rumour, given there was no record or word of any being so called for centuries. Others call him a madman – one without mind, home or even humanity….

One way we have managed to authenticate the original writings of Andraax, the mysterious third
founding Loremaster, is his consistent usage of an unusual blue ink, which we have named ‘peacock blue’ because of it’s beautiful blue-green color. The ink itself appears to include some sort of magical element that preserves it for an incredible amount of time. Of course, when Andraax
choses to write, he also tends to use an indelible substrate like shaalk or magically imbued Hoen paper, or Rhiissh papyrus. This is fortunate, or the few writings he did leave behind would long ago have turned to dust.

Lizza Danifor
Nomikos Library Researcher

A stranger, met by the party, claims to be the famed Andraax – Loremaster











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