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  • Staff of the Forsaken

    h4. Powers * Great magical resistance * Protection against combat damage * Ability to cast certain dark spells (unknown) * Spell adder and Power Multiplier * Cast Curse of the Forsaken (seems to draw life from the wielder in each attempt) * …

  • Lore-Iylari Blacksmiths-Krelij and Tethior

    The most famous of the Ilyari Blacksmiths, [[:tethior|Tethior]] and [[:krelij|Krelij]] were brothers. Both are known by the numerous artefacts and weapons of power that they created. h5. Items created by Tethior * [[Six Crowns|The Six Crowns of the …

  • Six Crowns

    Vast is the information on the Crowns, Pendants and Swords of the rulers of [[Jaiman]] - artefacts of ancient times, manufactured by [[:tethior]].

  • Dialogue of Four Voices

    A vision seen from a strange room where through the use of a scrying device ([[:ilarsiri]], Orb of Power) you have listened in on a strange meeting of voices….

    The Nameless One

    A man known only as the “Nameless One” materializes in Zinvar in 5945. This is the first of dozens of fateful appearances across Emer in which he predicts disaster. Never does he suggest a way to avert this catastrophe; often he does not even specify what …

  • Lore - Crowns, Swords and Pendants of Jaiman

    6052 - date to be confirmed Information supplied from

  • Prophecy - Worlds End

    When Worlds die, Universes shed tears of Blood. The final days of all will come when the rifts are open and the Eyes shut, for ever. The Herald of the …

  • Andraax

    Andraax - tales tell of an ancient sage, wanderer and perhaps a lost god... he has been seen throughout history, as an observer or meddler and is viewed as the greatest (and oldest) of the [[Loremasters]].

    Ugus Fost

    The Haidic warlord Ugus Fost is one of the most famous and colourful figures in the region’s history, where he is remembered as a hero by the Syrkakar, and a brutal invader by the Jaimani Elves. Born Ugus Syr, he came from the east with his Haidic horde, …

  • The Dark Gods

    The third moon of Kulthea is known as Charón and is considered an evil presence by nearly every culture on the planet. The dark gods are believed to …

  • Kelestian Deities

    *Halea* (K) _"The Empress of Opulence, Queen of Pleasures and Self-fulfillment, Maker of Bargains, Guardian of the Treasure Hordes of Heaven, Enslaver of Hearts and Loins, Unchaste Lady of the Ten Forgotten Acts, Golden Temptress of the Crimson Chamber …

  • Races

    h2. Races of Kulthea h3. Dyari (Iy: ‘Delvers’) Elves The Dyari are a mysterious part of elven culture, rarely talked about by their distant cousins. Having rejected the ways of mortal races, the Dyari believe that all other …

  • History of the Shadow World

    h2. OF THE HISTORY OF KULTHEA Several different calendars have been in use over the ages, but only a few survive. Currently, most Loremasters mark the major divisions in ancient history as Eras. The First Era ("FE") represents truly ancient history. …

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