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  • The Soulsword

    A tale told of ages gone, of a battle to save the world, when the forces of good fought against a ruler of evil - a battle that changed the face of the world forever....

    Fountains of lava spewed from the tortured …

  • Blue Tree Crown

    *Base*: Protects as a +10 Full Helm ; 70% of head critical attacks are ineffective (normal damage applies but critical component doesn’t at all). +25 to DB (magical shield protection )

    Twelve Amulets of Mah-ilari

    Party Treasure:

  • The Dragon Blades

    Party Note: As part of the party's investigation, a note was found tying these weapons to the [[Orb of Unlife]], showing: Find these …

  • Bracer of Uniting

    There are rumours on where the other Bracers of Uniting might lie, though none of these locations have been verified: 1. [Found] [[Chapter 4b|Tomb of Ugus Fost]] 2. [Found] Though to be lost in the Molac Traayig (“[[Isles of Blue Light …

  • Staff of the Forsaken

    h4. Powers * Great magical resistance * Protection against combat damage * Ability to cast certain dark spells (unknown) * Spell adder and Power Multiplier * Cast Curse of the Forsaken (seems to draw life from the wielder in each attempt) * …

  • Visor of Sight

    *HARP Powers*: The wearer can see in the dark as well as in bright daylight, and adds 100 to all RR’s vs. attacks involving light or sight. Once per day …

  • Staff of Storms

    HARP Base Attack: Can be wielded as a +25 SCr Staff HARP Powers: The staff is easy to operate, but more challenging to master (using …

  • Staff of Souls

    HARP Base Attack: Can be wielded as a +25 SCr Staff

    Elemental Books

    The Elemental Books were found within the [[Chapter 5b|Tower of Lost Magic]], except for the Book of Ice, which is missing from its obvious location. However the key title pages were torn from all but the Book of Fire, with one missing page from …

  • Six Crowns

    Vast is the information on the Crowns, Pendants and Swords of the rulers of [[Jaiman]] - artefacts of ancient times, manufactured by [[:tethior]].

  • Amulets of Mah-ilari - EssenceCosta - Michael[[Chapter 4c|Tomb of Sirdia-Mah]]
    6052 - date to be confirmed Information supplied from

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