Twelve Amulets of Mah-ilari


The Twelve Amulets (of the Mah-Ilari):: They are of a bluish silver alloy of white eog, three inches in diameter with a raised symbol of a pinecone in the centre. Three amulets were of Elemental Powers (Essence), three of Faith (Channeling), three of Mental Power (Mentalism), and three of Force of Arms. The wearers of these made up the (12 members of the) Blue Council to the king; however the Council was disbanded in SE 1327. They possessed varying powers depending on their alignment. All of them also served as keys, but to what location(s) is unknown.


Mah ilari symbolBecause the Mah-ilari revered the Lunarni (I. “Blue Spires”) the towering coniferous trees of Lu’nak, many of their items employ this theme. Their most important icon was the pinecone, symbol not only of the trees, but of rebirth through the pinecone seeds. (It is also believed that a seed, included in a certain tea brew, has healing properties.) These Elves had a significant Animistic background, and the nature of many of the royal artefacts reflects this. The Mah-ilari Elves were aware of some great evil that had taken over their lands (obscure references to “shards”), whom they knew as a deadly threat. Because of this, their alchemists created the most powerful defences they could in the royal artefacts.

The greatest among the artificers was an Elf by the name of Yaltin Kiry, though some say he learned much of his more arcane knowledge from shadowy sources. There are many heirlooms of the royal house, including a crown of unusual design, a suit of scaled armour, and a great war hammer. In addition, there were four war hammers and helms for the King’s personal guards, and twelve amulets worn by his closest advisors. There were also three wands of curious design, one for a master of each of the three realms of power (elemental, divine and mental). These three wands were also known to have hidden secrets.


Allows mental communication with any person wearing one of the other 12 Amulets (normal conversational speed), unless that person is asleep, unconscious or in deep thought.

RM or HARP Additional Benefits/Powers

Essence: acts as Spell Adder +3 for any Elemental or Base spell they cast
Channeling: acts as Spell Adder +3 for any Divine or Base spell they cast
Mentalism: acts as Spell Adder +3 for any Mental or Base spell they cast
Arms: adds +15 DB when worn

Party Treasure:

Amulets of Mah-ilari – EssenceCosta – MichaelTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Amulets of Mah-ilari – ChannelingAvalon – BradTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Amulets of Mah-ilari – MentalismTrevor – ChrisTomb of Sirdia-Mah
Amulets of Mah-ilari – ArmsHuan – NickFive Moon Onerry, Saralis

Twelve Amulets of Mah-ilari

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