The Soulsword

weapon (melee)

The only weapon which allows someone to stand against the wearer of the Shadowstone, the Soulsword is the opposite of that Dark Jewel in many ways. The sword was made by either Utha himself or by his son.

Fashioned of pure white eog, the sword has an edge of a silvery alloy. The hilts are of silver and in the pommel is set a clear orb with the faintest blush of blue. Silver runes are etched on the blade.

The Soulsword’s power were made to negate or protect against the powers of the Shadowstone; it also is said to possess many other abilities.


A tale told of ages gone, of a battle to save the world, when the forces of good fought against a ruler of evil – a battle that changed the face of the world forever….

Fountains of lava spewed from the tortured earth, washing over verdant lands in a burning tidal wave. Shattered ruins lay where boulders had been hurled like a rain of pebbles to crush glittering cities. Oceans vaporized. The Sun and the Five Moons were lost behind a black cloud of soot.

At last two stood upon the planet which had become one vast battlefield. Kadaena, Empress of the Galaxy and Queen of the K’ta’viiri race, faced her opponent: the rebel Utha. They had the look of siblings but for the glaze of hate in Kadaena’s violet eyes, and the haunted mask which Utha’s face had become. He held in his bleeding hands a sword. A strange barbaric weapon for a time when ships flew between the stars and the people of his race could slay with one thought of their telepathic minds, but the Soulsword was all that could protect him from She who wore the Shadowstone.

Pulsing with a thirsty crimson light, that gem lay upon Kadaena’s breast, held by a heavy chain of black iron. Kadaena thrust her hands forward, palms out at waist height, her bearing one of readiness.

Here we stand at the end of all things, my cousin. Are you well pleased that you have brought about the downfall of your people?” Her words were barbed with psionic knives, but Utha was beyond feeling.

You destroyed us long ago, My Queen. Better that we die now than live on as a mockery of what we should have been.

You wanted my throne!” Her hands snapped forwards and from her fingers lashed twisting bolts of white-hot energy, arcing towards her opponent.

But they splashed aside harmlessly: the sword shielded Utha. It diverted those deadly charges, but it took its own toll on his strength. The earth trembled. He took an unsteady step closer to his cousin.

Again Kadaena attacked with lightning; again the Soulsword absorbed the energy. The black blade began to glow with a faint silvery light. Utha raised the sword, his sinewy shoulders protesting, every muscle trembling with fatigue.


The sword flashed in a mighty horizontal arc, severing the beautiful Kadaena’s head.
Groaning in pain, the earth opened at her feet, and the Shadowstone tumbled from Kadaena’s shoulders into a fiery crevasse. The Empress of the Galaxy’s body trembled then disintegrated to dust, floating to the smoking ground.

Utha stood silent for a moment to gather his strength. He touched a finger to his forehead and vanished from that battlefield. The most difficult task was yet to do.

My eyes protect us all…


The Soulsword

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