Staff of the Forsaken

Ancient artefact of Evil


An evil looking staff, wielded by a Lich, that curses the Unlife into living beings…..


An item from the First Era, a time so ancient that the world no longer exists and many do not even believe it ever did. Even the Loremasters do not exist from that First Era (with some possible exceptions).

The Staff of the Forsaken was said to have been wielded by one of the High Priests of Kadæna, the Evil Empresses whose final battle with Utha you have witnessed and on whose death the world literally tore apart. When Utha slew Kadæna with the Soulsword (and item of greater power than this staff, but of similar era), the High Priest was also slain as were all her minions. However, his staff was lost, thought to have fallen between the worlds or lost in the cataclysm of the Interregnum.

The Staff is so evil that very few can touch it and survive and even its presence corrupts; it was thus removed by the Loremasters who provided the following information to you.

Firstly, it is indestructible, or at least they know of no way to destroy it. It seems to call to “the stars” and though they do not understand that purpose they have hidden it in a place that its presence should not be easily detectable.

On command or on touch, it will attempt to corrupt the soul of any living being, driving the soul out of existence and therefore letting in some of what we now believe is the Unlife from whatever dark crevice it comes from. There is no magic that can prevent this, though the very strong may resist it for some time. The corruption is subtle, taking time, and can only be prevented by death – but not a normal death, as even once the body lies without breath, the corruption will continue until the being and its soul are turned.

The only cure, or possible cure, is to slay the being and save their soul in the purest of life-keeping and life-giving herbs being the legendary blossom of the Salufis tree – a small, brownish plant, that grows as a stunted dark sapling in the coldest and driest places of the world. The tree sucks life from its harsh environment and produces a handful of blossoms before it seemingly dies, to slowly regrow during the course of the next few seasons. The blossoms need to be crushed, mixed with heated water and drunk, before the being dies, thereby allowing the cure to combat the curse as it attempts to corrupt the body and departing soul. A sturdy person of good faith should survive and in due course be granted life giving; a person of dark heart will truly succumb to the corruption that even the Salufi blossom cannot cure.

“The frigid, windswept Isles of Blue Light would seem an unlikely place to harbour the ultimate source of Lifegiving, but legends tell that somewhere in the Aargirpiri is a Salufis tree, whose pale golden flowers—which blossom only once a year—can provide Lifegiving. Yet here, under the hollow isle lives just such an enchanted gift.”

—- Yaalc Muul

Party Note: The Staff was found by the party after they struggled with the Lich. Though a number of the party was cursed, they managed to wrest the weapon from the Lich and flee its underground lair. Powerful and evil beyond their comprehension, Valaan insisted that the Loremasters be given the staff to examine, which the party reluctantly did so.

The Loremasters determined the nature of the weapon, its curse and provided the party with the information on the Salufis tree, which was their only hope for a cure for Moulin, Trevor and Avalon.


  • Great magical resistance
  • Protection against combat damage
  • Ability to cast certain dark spells (unknown)
  • Spell adder and Power Multiplier
  • Cast Curse of the Forsaken (seems to draw life from the wielder in each attempt)
  • Ability to destroy rock/stone and cause cataclysmic damage to the land
  • Ability to poison plant life (and water?)
  • Summon and Control (newly) Undead (or the souls of those recently killed)

Staff of the Forsaken

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