The Narselkin

weapon (melee)

These three swords were forged by Tethior the Smith as a set, designed to fight the Implementors. Their purpose was so focused, in fact, that certain of their powers functioned only in the presence of an Implementor.

Narselkin   fireswordFireblade or Firesword: This sword is, in fact, not a weapon for hand-to-hand combat, being merely takes the form of a sword. The Fireblade has hilts of gold wound about a core of clear laen; the blade is an edge of laen but has no core, so that beyond the polished golden wrist guard there are two narrow bands of laen which curve gracefully apart, then rejoin at the tip in a needle-sharp point. Although Laen is a very hard substance and the edge is quite keen, the balance of the weapon is all wrong for melee combat. Any attempts to use it so would spell disaster for the wielder.

However, if the holder commands, the previously empty blade-core is filled with bright flames which lick about the laen edges. The flames do not consume fuel and cannot be extinguished except by another command by the holder. Note that they are real flames and can burn on contact | as well as set fire to flammable materials. The flames also provide the fire for spells which require a natural fire source.

The flaming function needs to be activated in order to utilize some of the sword’s abilities. None of the sword’s powers may be exploited by anyone who is not at least a hybrid spell user of Essence.

Narselkin   icebladeIceblade or Icesword: A superb warrior’s weapon, the Iceblade has hilts wound with a silver alloy, the same metal which makes up the elaborate basket-style hilt guard and the razor-sharp edge of the blade itself. The Iceblade is similar in design to the Fireblade, except that the core of the blade is solid, consisting of clear laen laced with many tiny bubbles so that it resembles ice. At a command by the wielder, the laen frosts over and becomes intensely cold. A frosty mist pours from the blade as if it were of dry ice though the hilts remain completely insulated from this effect. The chilled blade must be activated for some powers to be effective.

Narselkin   windswordWindblade or Windsword: Perhaps most strange of the three Narsaelkin in its powers, the Windblade is also considered by scholars to be the most powerful. With an edge of the shiny black material known as Keron and a core of what would appear to be polished purple marble, veined with white, the sword is also a very beautiful item. Its hilts are wound with silver and gold wire, while the ornate wrist guard is also of keron with gold inlay. When swung, all in range feel a cool breeze. None of the powers of this sword can be used by anyone except a non-evil user of Channelling.


The Narselkin

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