Bracer of Uniting


Description: There are six bracers, fashioned of linked metal sections and adjustable so they fit almost any humanoid forearm (all are designed to be worn on the left arm). In appearance, each is a sectioned metal forearm guard, attached by buckles and straps. There is a chain mail part of the bracer that extends down over the back of the hand, held in place by a strap around the fingers. They are essentially ornate forearm greaves, with the metal shaped like large dragon-scales with thorny protrusions, and set with rows of small blue cabochons.

While skilfully constructed of quality materials (and, of course, enchanted), parts of these bracers (like the arm straps) are of tanned animal hide and has deteriorated, and they may need repair by a semi-skilled artificer (can be done by local leatherworker though crudely only).

History: TE 2750 Tev Yu’um, supposedly guided by a mythical blue dragon leads his Lotan clan across the Forbidden Sea to settle on the peninsula of NW Xa-ar, and arable coves on the Aargirpiri (“Isles of Blue Light”). They name this new kingdom the Wom Kuugor (“Home of the Dragon”), and the people called themselves the Aanac n’Kuugor (“People of the Dragon”); in later ages this became shortened to Aanaku.

As king in this new land, Tev takes the name/title Yaalc Muul ( “Guardian Leader”). With the help of certain skilled artificers, several powerful heirlooms are created to aid the king. There is a helm fashioned like the head of a dragon (after the model of some of the Six Crowns), three swords (the Dragon Blades ) to be wielded by the King’s Champions (the king himself possesses a sword of surpassing power: a weapon of amber laen that summons a terrible fire), the Visors of Sight , and six Bracers of Uniting. Many are rumoured to have been buried or lost when the king and his subjects were slain, somewhere within the Isles of Blue Light.


There are rumours on where the other Bracers of Uniting might lie, though none of these locations have been verified:
1. [Found] Tomb of Ugus Fost
2. [Found] Though to be lost in the Molac Traayig (“Isles of Blue Light”), an inhospitable isle at Yaalc Aenawg within the Aargirpiri
3. [Found] In the pool on the Tree Platform of the Bridge Caves
4. [Found] Inside what is called the “Junglesphere” though no one understands what this means or where its location might be
5. [Found] Inside the Five Moons Orrery (in town square of Saralis)
6. [Found] In a Shrine dedicated to Yaalc Muul somewhere in the Isles of Blue Light
There are rumours that these items and the lands were once ruled by a Blue Dragon and a Cult has grown up and has become almost a crude religion.

Party summary: Bracers of Uniting

OwnerLocation Found
Costa – MichaelTomb of Ugus Fost
Moulin – DavidTemple of Yaalc Muul
Avalon – BradAt Yaalc Aenawg, “Guardian Circle of Song” Holy Site
Gollum – BrentJunglesphere, Bridge Caves
Huan – NickFive Moon Onerry, Saralis
Trevor – ChrisInside Bridge Caves, in pool on Tree Platform

Powers: These bracers can be used as a +10 shield against melee, and also add +20 against all directed spell attacks when raised in a defensive manner; but those are only secondary powers. These bracers have an unusual ability not unlike the spell of Returning in that they offer a specialized form of safe Teleport, but in this case they ‘link’ to each other rather than to a set location. Whenever a new person puts on the bracer, it resets itself and has no links (the same person can remove it and put it back on without the item resetting).

Whilst clasping hands with someone wearing another bracer and each saying the others’ name establishes the connection. Once that is done, the bracers can be used for Uniting. One wearer then reaches out, says the name, and the one named wearing the bracelet (they must be wearing the bracelet), no matter where he is, feels a tingling. If he ‘agrees,’ a hand will appear out of nowhere. The named must clasp the hand; then they can be pulled through the Portal to join the summoner. Note that the recipient must come to the summoner; the summoner cannot allow himself to be pulled to join the recipient.

Bracer of Uniting

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