Byrk Syrkakarg - (“Belt of the Greatking”)


Desc: An Ovir-hide belt with a large oval gold buckle with red inlays, and five gold-alloy studs arrayed around the belt, each with a red crystal cabochon. The hide portion of the belt has deteriorated somewhat with time and may need to be replaced in the future. A competent artificer of 10th level or above could do it using even regular leather without sacrificing the item’s powers, though no one in the current town has this ability. There appears to be some other hidden power in the Belt but cannot be determined and it is dormant, only being triggered either in a specific location, presence of a specific item or being or possibly tied to the owner of the belt, Ugus Fost.

Heirloom item, it is large and heavy, and appears almost crude, but is actually very well made. It has a certain barbaric beauty to them. Was part of a set with Twy Syrkakang (“Collar of the Greatking”).

TE 4123–4145: The Haidic warrior Ugus Syr enters the sacred Blue Forest with his clansmen and ambushes the Jaimani Elves (some of whom are rustic descendants of the Mah-ilari), then proceeds to subdue the Fustir peoples. Ugus slays the Fustir lord and takes his young bride as his own, becoming Ugus Fost. He declares himself lord of the Haid and Fustir, but some of the Haid clans rebel, driving Ugus and his men into the wood. They become known as the Syrkakar: “Lords of the Blue Forest.”


HARP Powers:

  • Gives the wearer DB +25 with no encumbrance (stacks with armour but not with all other Magical Bonuses; GM to determine)
  • Immunity to natural cold; magical cold attacks are only 50% effective (ie damage taken is half, stun rounds are half, any damage/bleeding is reduced appropriately; rounded down)
    Limbrunning (can move along at run along surfaces without requiring a manoeuvre check, in similar vein as the RoleMaster Ranger spell) 50 min duration, 1x per day.

RM Powers:

  • Gives the wearer AT 15 with no encumbrance.
  • Immunity to natural cold; magical cold attacks are only 50% effective.
  • Limbrunning (Ranger Moving Ways) 50 min, 1x per day.

Byrk Syrkakarg - (“Belt of the Greatking”)

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