Famous Smith and brother to Tethior


Brother to Tethior the Smith, Krelij turned to the forces of darkness due to jealousy or envy of his brothers creations.

Numberless Tales surround the brothers Tethior and Krelij, arguably the two greatest craftsmen in the history of the world.

While it is true that Krelij turned to the worship of Dark Gods and his purposes followed those of the Unlife, Tethior was not above reproach. He became jealous of his brother’s skill at sword-making and after a time would not share his own skills with Krelij. When he built his new forge complex of Arion in SE c. 3800, he would not reveal the location to his brother, only travelling there in secret or via magical means.

One incident clearly illuminates the troubled relationship between these brilliant – if unstable – brothers. The time was just after the beginning of the Fifth Millennium (c. 4000), Second Era. Tethior was still heady with the apparent success of the Crowns, while Krelij was working on the The Narselkin : a triadic sword of considerable power and scope. Tethior came to call upon his brother at the latter’s forge in Wuliris. . .

Tethior, draped in an elegant robe, swept into the forge. The room was filled with steam and the crash of hammers on anvils. He had to shout above the din.

Greetings, younger brother!” He smiled, but his eyes furtively scanned the chamber. What secret projects is he working on?

Krelij turned reluctantly from his work. He wore a leather apron and sweat glistened on his tanned, handsome face. “You are not welcome in my home, Tethior.

Several of Krelij’s imposing smiths stopped their work, wiping their hands on blackened rags and staring at Tethior in open hostility.

The elder brother looked disappointed, though he was not surprised by this cool reception. “I have come to make amends.

Then invite me to your forge at Arion , where you made the famous Crowns and Swords.

I would be happy to share with you my sword making techniques.” Tethior hedged. “It is not that I don’t trust you, my brother, it is that I don’t trust your associates.

Krelij snorted in derision. “I taught you all I know about sword making, revered brother. Leave me: I am busy.” He turned his back on Tethior and returned to his work.

You might ask, skeptical reader, how I know the details of this conversation and the thoughts behind it. I was there.




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